Hooping Idol: Meet the Finalists for 80s Week

Hooping IdolWelcome to Hooping Idol, Hooping.org’s epic new contest that will be leading us all on an ever spinning journey in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Before we introduce our finalist contestants, we send out the most major heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted Hooping Idol Casting Week video entries. You all certainly made the process an incredibly difficult decision as you’re all so freakin talented and wonderful that you’re all already Hooping Idols in our book. We have nothing but love for each and everyone of you. We asked you to make a video and tell us about yourself, show us where you live and share your hoop story. We told you what to title it and we gave you a deadline for having it posted on YouTube. With many reporting YouTube upload delays due to YouTube system slowness as a reason for not making the deadline, it was decided to extend that deadline by two hours and two hours only. Finalists need to not count on deadline extensions in the future. Be proactive, post early.

Casting Week entries that followed the directions were given a gold star. All gold star submissions were then seriously evaluated, but when you have only a certain number of contestant spots and 65 individuals wanting their hoop inside the circle, well, it really couldn’t have been any more challenging. We most sincerely wish we could cast each and every one who made themselves available for Hooping Idol, but after much deliberation and voting we managed to narrow it down to these 21 rising stars, less than a third of those who entered. So with that, and without further ado, we present your Hooping Idol 2011 Finalists:

1. Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK

2. Stephanie Connell of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA.

3. Heather Denham of San Francisco, California, USA

4. Kay Dent of Bristol, England, UK

5. Emilie “Anossens” Durand of Versailles, France

6. Missina Germain aka Shekinah Spin of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

7. Wesley J of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

8. Jodi Jainchill of Gainesville, Florida, USA

9. Glenda Jordan of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

10. Shawnee Lynn of Annville, Pennsylvania

11. Dinah “Dinahmyte” Myott of Hampton, Virginia, USA

12. Nicole Osier of Watseka, Illinois, USA

13. Andrea Painter of Hartley Wintney, England, UK

14. Rebecca Phipps of Florence, South Carolina, USA

15. Sam Resnicow of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

16. Shahnoor “Shannie” Skrzypkowiak, of Perth, Western Australia, Australia

17. Sylvie aka Pretty Dumpling of Darby, Montana, USA

18. Amanda Syryda of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

19. Kristen “Kinetic Kristen” Teffeteller of Murfreesboro, Tennessee

20. Noora Tiainen of Kirkkonummi, Finland

21. Sue Wilkinson of Northamptonshire, England, UK

decade Hooping.org congratulates our Hooping Idol finalists and once again give the utmost of applause to everyone who made themselves available for Hooping Idol 2011. You all rule the school! As for our finalists, welcome to your next challenge. It’s 1980s Week on Hooping Idol. For this challenge you will 1) Choose a song released during the 1980’s that speaks to you and your hooping, 2) Create a hooping video that really shows off what you’re really capable of with your hooping, 3) Post your video on YouTube on or before Friday, March 18th, allowing ample time for it to fully upload no later than 11:59 PST. 4) Title your video: “Hooping.org Hooping Idol 80s Week”. 5) Copy the url for your video and simply post the url in the Hooping Idol 80s Week Thread in Hooping.org’s Hooping Videos Forum. Note: The system will automatically embed the video for you so all you will need to post is just the url. So there you have it. We hope you all have a totally radical time with your 80’s Week Challenge, and most of all, make sure you make it count. At the end of 80’s Week, Five Hooping Idol contestants will be eliminated. Happy 80s week everyone!

33 thoughts on “Hooping Idol: Meet the Finalists for 80s Week

  1. wow ! just finished watching everyone! You are all so darn good and cute and quirky and cool…I love you all…GOOD LUCK!!! this is going to be so much fun!

  2. Kay Dent, Sam Resnicow, Noora Tiainen are best πŸ™‚ β™₯
    But everybody are great πŸ˜‰ Congratulations! I want to be as good as you all πŸ™

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