Hooping Idol Flow Week Results Show

Who is safe and who will be going home this week? It’s all revealed in our Hooping Idol Flow Week Results Show. If you’re new to Hooping Idol, check out all of the finalist entries on our Hooping Idol Flow Week Challenge page. It has all the info to get you fully caught up on Hooping Idol as well. And for those who want to have more flow in their hooping life, be sure to check in to the Flow Zone forum, co-moderated by Khan Wong and Beth Lavinder – especially this discussion sparked by Hooping Idol Flow Week.

20 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Flow Week Results Show

  1. Whew- I don’t know what’s more challenging and nerve wracking… actually making the videos or watching this recap! Sad to go, but can’t wait to keep following along and seeing what these talented competitors continue to come up with 🙂

  2. The torture of the results programme is excruciating for me! It has just taken almost an hour to watch it due to rural Internet speed issues. I feel wrung out!

    And that was after I got friends to text and tell me if I were in or out next week. I think I’m loosing weight by the minute watching these recaps.

    I am so sorry to see people go. That’s the only down side to all this.

  3. aaaahh! the anticipation! i can’t imagine being one of the contestants, those pauses were killing me. 🙂 I was pretty amazed by all the videos this past week. Everyone came so far! Its great to see what others can do and where they take it. I know I am learning a LOT just by following the competition.
    Philo – damn you are amazing! Loving you and all you do for the community!
    Can’t wait to see next week’s videos!!

  4. Sorry to see anyone go. I’ve loved watching all the videos and I’m learning so much. Thanks to everyone taking part for the inspiration; we’re all going to have to up our game after this. And big thanks to Philo for organizing Hoop Idol – I’m hooked!

  5. ahhh! what a relief! (not the reaction you were expecting??) haha…

    congratulations to all you lovelies continuing on!! you are all awesome and i am honored to have had the chance to virtually hoop with you all! now i get back to my regularly scheduled program of work & school. and of course hooping. ;] <3 <3

  6. I agree with @dinahmyte, it’s a relief to be out. I’m thankful for the opportunity & for how long I was in it, but outlined to me why I never do competitions & contests: I’m just not the competition sort — I’m too stubborn and will try do it my way anyways 🙂 I love you all & wish all of the contenders good luck & have fun in the coming challenges. xo

  7. kinetic.kristen – I just watched your video Slipping Halo and your flow in this video ( which is of a live performance ) really is fantastic in my opinion.
    A live performance really would sort the wood from the trees ( especially if you haven’t got a video expert to hand ! ).
    I nearly entered and am really glad I didn’t , as I couldn’t have taken the pressure !
    Also public votes are often a matter of having alot of connections ! Still all who entered are really great hoopers and it is great fun to watch the videos !

    Well done all !

  8. Whew…I agree. What a relief. That was way too much stress. It was really fun and challenging at the same time. I loved watching everyone’s videos and virtually getting to know you all. I am honored to be eliminated with this group. You guys all rock and were some of my favorites. I really thought all of you would make it further in the contest.You all grew as hoopers and got stronger in your performances. I can’t wait to see what the top ten comes up with IN TWO DAYS for the persona round. I will also be watching out for everyone that got eliminated so please keep making inspirational videos PLEASE.. ps..is anyone going to HOOP CAMP? if so, let’s have a little get together for all the 21 finalists that go 🙂 It would be so fun to meet in person.

  9. Ya, I agree, the short time deadlines when you only have a couple days to film and edit after finding out if you made it is very stressful when you’re trying to balance the rest of your life as well, and the first part of your week was spent planning, rehearsing, and deciding on a piece of music. I am relieved as well to go back to hooping on my own terms. 🙂 And filming videos on Saturdays when I have daylight and am not coming home from work exhausted already. It’s a tough competition, and it should be. Just wasn’t prepared for it! 😉

  10. Congrats to the top 10 and applause for everyone involved. I’m thoroughly hooked on HI, and also glad I didn’t know about it until it was too late to enter! I wouldn’t want that kind of pressure to produce – but I’m having fun watching everyone who is rising to the challenges. 🙂

  11. How do we vote? I seem to keep missing the window – I find some of the entries on youtube but can’t see anywhere to vote, then I look again and the results show has already run! I could do with some clearer instructions on how to take part, please!

  12. (an enthusiastic friendly note to a (the?) busy moderator) I come to hooping.org time to time to check out if new videos for Hoop Idol are up but don’t see a link anywhere and am too lazy to figure out how to find out and then I miss the voting. Oops. It’s not on the front page? It would be awesome if a tab, an advertisement box or a prominent link on the side bar was put up that takes you to the Hooping Idol world. Probably hooping.org is getting more traffic because of this contest so would love to see the action be more findable! 🙂 If it’s not too much to ask.

    1. The challenge/voting posts are on Hooping.org’s front page only while voting is open. If they’ve scrolled beyond the front page, it’s because voting for that challenge has already closed. Generally speaking you will probably find that most voting takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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