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  1. Thank you Philo! That definitely was an awesome video. Loved the facial expressions, especially the throat clearage and tie fixage!!! 😀 Amanda…. lucky you. my tail was at the end. The suspense almost got me good.. hehe Congratulations to you all and best of luck!

  2. Philo~LOVE the tie! I was sorry not to see the red sequined pants of fame, but it probably wouldn’t have been suitably appropriate for one delivering such important news.

    I’ve loved watching Hooping Idol~lot’s of fun, lot’s of talent!

  3. wow, the suspense was so intense. I have had the biggest knot in my stomach all morning waiting to hear. then my name was at the end. but I am so grateful to move on. congrats to all. even those that didn’t make it to next round, you all are amazing.

    1. i agree! pretty dumpling was one if not THE most original in terms of style. she was a little rough, maybe, but i loved watching her! imagine how awesome she’s gonna be in like a year or two. can’t wait to see what happens!

  4. YEAH Hooping Idol! Finally a show I enjoy watching! Would have liked to see Pretty Dumpling (did I get her name right?) continue though. Her style was really interesting. Oh well. I’m looking forward to the flow videos — sweet theme!!

  5. wow! a few surprises for me. some of the people that didn’t get through i was really looking forward to seeing more of. everyone did such an great job though it was a tough cal!
    philo – for people like me that have trouble putting faces with names it would be sweet if you could somehow incorporate or hold up a little photo of the person you are talking about to remind us. as we all know you really need more stuff to do (this is sarcasm 😉 ) but the segment was awesome. you are way better than ryan seacrest! <3

  6. Not only was I near the bottom, I have been suffering terribly slow Internet connection for a couple of weeks. It took so long to load enough to watch that I had to go and do some work or the suspense would have been too much. Even then I had to wait beyond my place in the list to see if I was in or out of the 8.

    Can’t believe I’m still there! Everyone had something so good to offer.

  7. AHHHH this video killed me cuz I couldn’t see the results while at work today. I had to call my husband and make him watch it to tell me if I were safe or not! haha Just watched it now though.. so much suspense, and what a cool idea to make it a real “show”. 🙂

    When are the flow videos due? Same time this Friday?

  8. Awesome, Philo! Loved the facial expressions and the suspense!

    Some of my favs didn’t make it. I guess I’m just going to have to YouTube stalk them, now. 😛

    Congrats to all those continuing on! And to all those who aren’t, know that you put yourself out there, you rock it and we really enjoyed sharing in your experience!

    Lot o’ Love,
    Lulu Hoop

  9. I hope it wasn’t too suspenseful. I was trying to bring that Idol realism along with my best Ryan Seacrest (the host of American Idol) and his at times oddly-delivered and routinely long-drawn-out announcements. Congratulations to all who are continuing on – and I will truly miss those of you who were eliminated this week. All six of you freakin rock my world and I fully expect nothing but great things in the hoopersphere for each and everyone of you.

    @Shekinah Yes, Flow Week submissions are due this Friday night before Midnight on YouTube. You can review the full Flow Challenge announcement here: http://www.hooping.org/2011/03/hooping-idol-80s-week-and-more/

  10. Congratulations everyone! Philo, this video is great! You really know how to keep the audience on their toes! 😉
    I’m happy that I got to be a part of this for the first two weeks, I had a blast and I feel privileged to have received feedback from my idols, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten without this competition.
    Good luck to everyone with Flow challenge, can’t wait to see your entries! And those of us who didn’t make it through, we are already winners, because we are hoopers. Remember that! 🙂
    By the way Philo, loved the way you spelled my name and hometown! Great job! x)

  11. Awww, I’m so sorry that people actually had to get “eliminated”. I know that’s how they do it on TV, but that’s because they have a limited number of minutes to showcase people… Next time could we just vote for our top 5 and keep a running tally of the number of votes people get to declare an overall winner? Because with the elimination, that’s that many fewer people who will be submitting videos for the next challenge. And with the feedback they got, those videos are going to be AWESOME!

    1. They don’t have a limited number of minutes to showcase people. On American Idol contestants start off singing one song, then do two songs as the numbers diminish, and by the end of the season they’re doing three numbers.

  12. Philo you seem crazy !
    Waiting 15 minutes with a bad connection for a greater suspense.
    Thank you for your support.
    Enjoy your hoop, with your style and your personality ! You are all fabulous and it’s a pleasure to look at your videos, so different !

  13. Well done everybody (including Philo who really does deserve a hoopy for life time hard work for his efforts to promote hooping). I’m sorry to see those who are leaving… some including my favorites. The public vote is a hard one. xxxxx

  14. Congrats to everyone who made it through!

    I agree with christyt that it’d help to have at least a photo if not some footage from their hooping submission to help connect the faces to the names.

    At the end I wrote down the names and looked up their video on 80s page.

  15. I don’t like that it was a public vote. Don’t get me wrong I did vote, but… I’m sure there were lots of folks who voted that weren’t hoopers so it was more of a popularity contest .

  16. There are a lot of reasons someone may not have gotten the public vote – and I wouldn’t necessarily say it is as simple as a popularity contest. Probably the most connected hooper in the competition, with the most individual video views for the past two weeks, actually went home. If it were merely about popularity, I think they’d still be here. So why are they gone? Did voters assume particular contestants would simply be safe based on their own merits – and then decided to give their votes to others they thought needed them more this week? On American Idol, commentary from the judges has been known sometimes solicit a sort of opposite voting effect in this regard. Did that happen here? Possibly.

    The analysis on why someone doesn’t get the vote on American Idol is always more complex than mere popularity. There can be many factors that play a role. A major one on American Idol is song choice, or choosing the wrong song for them as a singer (or as a hooper?) that didn’t allow them to really shine, or perhaps the song just wasn’t authentically them. The viewing public has that intuitive feeling when something just doesn’t feel right and it ends up falling flat for the audience. Voters generally respond more favorably to songs they already know and love too. One can choose something relatively obscure, but it better be amazing – particularly during something like 80’s Week when so many well loved favorites are being served.

    If you watch the 80s videos again too you are certain to notice that half of those who went home this week submitted rather straight up “one shot” hooping videos. It’s quite possible that these either just didn’t stand up alongside the incredible creativity submitted by others, or perhaps viewers felt they didn’t make much of an effort and thus didn’t earn their vote? I really don’t know, but it is pretty telling.

    There were those too who didn’t heed Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Hooping Video Tips very well – and possibly suffered for it too – such as making a poor location choice, overuse of a video effect, shooting in front of a blinding window, including very shaky and rather unwatchable footage, lack of eye contact… The judges made numerous references to things for many of the contestants that are on the list.

    So like American Idol, I just don’t think it’s that simple. Unlike American Idol, Hooping Idol viewers only get one vote each week – and you can vote for multiple contestants which I think really helps with the democratic evening up process. Having been at the helm of Hooping.org this long I personally have tremendous faith in our community as a whole. Given that this is the first season of Hooping Idol though, I think we’ll all just have to wait and watch and see what happens.

  17. I’m really disappointed to see that judges opinions count for nothing in this competition. It should really not just be a contest based on how many friends people can lobby to vote for them and should also reflect the judges opinions. Just my tuppence worth but I think the whole competition would be improved if it was the judges opinion that saved two from the bottom eight each week – as with X Factor, in fact.

  18. This is Hooping Idol, not Hooping X Factor, whatever that is. While I have not watched American Idol in a few years I have been quietly enjoying Hooping Idol from the time that it started. Thank you Philo and everyone for participating and making this happen. It is the most excitement I have witnessed since the Hoopies. Those who complain and think they know better how this should be, when I fail to see how you could be following the Idol format any more closely, are joy killers. Lighten up. This is a game show competition, we are not solving world peace.

    1. American Idol shouldn’t be followed to the tee, it barelly birthed stars, outside kelly clarkson and the blonde country chick. It’s a show that entertains the millions that tune in, and it doesn’t really matter after the winner’s year contract is up. American Idol isn’t a talent show. I don’t want Hooping Idol to follow such a horrid example of showmanship, I want talent and someone to wow me! I want Hooping idol to be more like Battle of the Bands, but I’ve always hated singers without bands to begain with, it’s not even music, it’s lyrics to a track.

    1. I’m far from bitter, I’m not a show type of girl, I’m a line cook. All the Idol hoopers worked hard at entertaining, their videos are awesome and filled with intention. Outside this, I do hate american idol for all it’s worth. Horrible music, horrible scam, battle of the bands is all about rocking out, keeping true to yourself and music, and having a fun competition. I hate the fox network, it’s a brainwasher.

      I do sound like a hater, but i just hate the white man, he keeps my people down.

    1. The white man is a power figure, if I said, “I hate white men” , I think then you could lable me a racist. I wouldn’t even care if I did hate white men, it’d help with the entertainment of life.

  19. Perhaps I should have been clearer – it’s not that I’d like it to follow the format of any television show to the letter and I’m not in the least bit interested in what kind of talent that American idol or X Factor churn out. (Rose, X Factor is a Simon Cowell format that is basically the same as Idol – equally dreadful – has taken over in the UK and is about to be launched in the US.)
    I have two points that link. One is that I feel that the judges should have an decent influence otherwise really, what is the point in having them?
    The other is that where only the public vote counts, you have a better chance of winning if you are part of a big hoop community – because you will know lots of other hoopers who are interested enough in this competition to vote for you.
    What would make the competition more interesting would be if it were the judges that could save two people at the end, meaning that it could potentially keep people in the running who did not necessarily have a big community behind them but were doing something interesting enough with their hooping to engage the judges.
    Ultimately, it could make no odds and the judges might coincidentally choose to keep in the two who also got the most public votes, and fair enough.
    Equally, it may be the case that nobody out there is voting for hoopers within their communities anyway and/or are simply choosing the entries they like best (and it’s very subjective because everybody likes something different) and maybe even using the judges comments to help them decide. Importantly, I’m not saying that any one of these methods of voting is better than another.
    But, I just feel that by giving the judges that additional power it would add an extra (and valuable) dimension.
    Of course, I’m not expecting everyone to agree with me and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. These are merely my thoughts.

  20. P.S. I also do not believe that enjoying something precludes having constructive criticism or seeing room for improvement and thus it should be noted that none of this means that I am not enjoying Hoop Idol or do not believe it has merits – which I am and I do.

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