Hooping Idol 80s Week and More

Hooping Idol Welcome to Hooping Idol, Hooping.org’s epic new contest leading us all on an ever spinning journey in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! I’m Philo Hagen and I’ll be your host along the way. For those of you just tuning in we invited hoopers from around the globe to submit Hooping Idol Casting Week entries and of the 65 awesome hoopers who made themselves available, 21 finalists were selected for this competition and immediately put to the test with our 80’s Week Challenge. Meet the finalists if you haven’t done so already. For 80’s Week they needed to choose a 1980’s soundtrack that spoke to them and make a hooping video that really showed off what they were capable of. So are you ready to have a totally radical good time while deciding who will earn your vote this week? There’s pure awesomeness ahead, so let’s tune on in – and see what our esteemed panel of judges has to say about them too.

You probably remember that during casting week there were about a dozen would-be contestants who ran into a problem meeting our submission deadline who cited YouTube being slow as the culprit. Consequently, we extended that deadline by two hours to allow for such technical difficulties, while warning our finalists not to delay in the future in order to avoid such unforeseen technical problems. And a few contestants did just that, problems of a different nature, problems related to soundtrack copyright infringement on YouTube. I think I need to refer everyone to my Ten Easy Hooping Video Tips for future reference, one of which addresses this particular problem.

Our contestants are competing for an unprecedented prize package. This week we’ll be hearing from three of our four illustrious judges: Sharna Rose of Sharna Rose Hoop Dance in Maidstone, England, UK, Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, Australia, and Christabel Zamor of HoopGirl in San Francisco, California, USA. You can find out more about them here and here. So without any futher ado, it’s now time to hear from each of our Hooping Idol contestants, presented to you this week in the order in which they were received:

1. Kay Dent of Bristol, England, UK

Sharna Rose: Kay this was a first class entry. The bar has been set high with this dramatic 80’s themed video. I trust that we will continue to see great hoopy things from you in the future. I wish you much sucess with the voting public.

Bunny: Where are the adoption papers? I love everything about you and your Pinkaliciousness! This performance has a lot of juju, a lot of creativity and is just so fun. Massive future ahead of you Kay… keep it coming!

Christabel: Super cute music video feel with inclusion of judges and thoughtful theatrical video composition. I liked your fun jumps and when you pointed at the judges. But, I am not seeing any complex hooping or any new hooping moves or a unique signature style, though. Your floorwork felt rushed, you had your back to the audience quite a bit, and you spent a lot of time looking at the hoop or the floor.

2. Amanda Syryda of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Sharna Rose: The upbeat feel of your entry this week fits with the vibe of the 80’s perfectly. At times I felt that the background was a little bit chaotic because the other dancers distracted me a little. However your engaging stage presence won me over. Well done.

Bunny: Funky moves lady! You definitely know how to rock it out. Cheese factor is on high! Moves are down. You seem to channel many of the fabulous hoopers on this planet. I look forward to seeing you shine all that is you some more.

Christabel: Superfun energy, great use of arms, multiple hoops, and some great moves, including the hot revolving door step out with two hoops and the leg reversal with two hoops. I liked that you got close to the camera and included some synchronized movement with backup dancers. Great attitude and your smile is infectious, you really embodied the energy of the song “Walking on Sunshine”. Your creativity and variety left me excited to see more.

3. Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK

Sharna Rose: Nick, Nick, Nick…. I am overwhelmed with the effort you have put into this fantastic entry. In such a short time you have gone from hoop widow to a shining hoop star in your own right. I certainly like to laugh and you definitely gave me a right old chuckle. I expect great things from you.

Bunny: You really know how to take the man hoop to new levels. You and spandex in spin are sending out a massive message to all the men on this planet – thank you! 20 seconds in and I’m all over you. You get my vote hottie!

Christabel: By far the best male entry for this week! You have great camera interaction, an original hoop flipping, explosive style. Great theatrics, attitude and superfly tricks. I also enjoyed the inclusion of other people to help you tell a story. I would love to see more audience awareness as there were a few moments where you felt sort of “all over the place”~ so more attention to planes could enhance that.

4. Rebecca Phipps of Florence, South Carolina, USA

Sharna Rose: The concept of your entry was fantastic and the presentation of the hooping and its location was also top class Rebecca. Although I was not a fan of the hooping that happened behind the wire fence. You have a warm smile and I wish you lots of luck and success in the competition.

Bunny: Conceptually hilarious! Strong visuals, but I wanted to be WOWd more by your hooping or the narrative. Perhaps more emo closeups to suck me in would have done it or busting out here and there in full rock out… I’m also going to suggest a slightly smaller hoop.

Christabel: Fun car cut out and documentation of your preparation, but the moves kind of bored me. You have some skills, but you don’t feel like a superstar. I would encourage more audience interaction, mastery of moves with more body framing and flair and a more unique signature style and better attention to detail in planes.

5. Noora Tiainen of Kirkkonummi, Finland

Sharna Rose: Great entry Noora, Your fun and playful personality shine throughout the whole video. I did find the camera work a bit annoying from time to time, but the end clip made up for it by making me laugh. Looking forward to seeing more entries from you.

Bunny: Again, I’m going to suggest a slightly smaller hoop. I want to see sharper off body transitions and speedier spins with this routine. I want you to get your foot REALLY loose and I want to be engaged more with your expression. I feel like you’re holding back a little. Bust it baby!

Christabel: I wasn’t thrilled by this. Your dancing felt unbalanced and unpolished, you did a lot of looking at at the floor and hoop but generally not at the camera. You had a few fun moves, but instead of using them as embellishment for your own unique style, you used them to carry your show. Fun character development at the beginning, but where does it go? I would work with the music a bit more so that your movements reflect the change of pacing in breakdowns, etc, more closely.

6. Missina Germain aka Shekinah Spin of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

Sharna Rose: I love your hooping style and your choice of music, but I really wished that you had chosen a better location to showcase your talent. This statement seems a tad off coming from the woman who always video’s herself with washing in the background of her messy living room. I understand that it is not always possible to find that perfect location, but you have some stiff competition from those who did. I wish you lots of luck though because I really enjoyed witnessing your very present hooping that comes from a place of total honesty.

Bunny: I want more eye contact and I need to see more enjoyment to enjoy this. I want to see you hoop it UP not DOWN. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face in the hoop 🙂

Christabel: You had a fun authentic set which mimicked where we often squeeze our practice sessions into, but like a practice session, I didn’t have a sense of this being a performance. I’d like to see more eye contact with the audience through the camera, more poise, attention to body posture, control and more dance. While I like the double hoop inclusion for variety and the fun shoulder spin, overall I didn’t feel there was anything new and unique.

7. Shahnoor “Shannie” Skrzypkowiak, of Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Sharna Rose: Interestingly enough Shannie the location I felt fitted perfectly with the theme for this weeks challenge. You are engaging and warm, bubbly and very watchable. Can’t wait to see more. I wish you good luck with the public vote.

Bunny: You’re a hottie, but I wanted to see it get a whole lot hotter! Maybe I’m just starved of hoop porn in my life, but bring it on! And thanks for representing Australia.

Christabel: Super cute effects, outfit and unique farm setting and use of props like the soda and bongos. You had a fun vibe and look, some fun moves like the elbow passes and foot twirl, but I want more precision, control, spatial awareness, eye contact and audience interaction. I would be curious to see how you can pump up your identity and attitude to the next level.

8. Emilie “Anossens” Durand of Versailles, France

Sharna Rose: Superb effort all around Anossens. Interesting editing that fitted with the theme, but I did find it a little distracting from time to time. However your character performance was very engaging and it more than made up for it. I wish you luck and much sucess in your future hoop journey where ever it takes you.

Bunny: There’s a reason why the French come across as so superior and arrogant to the rest of the world – that’s because they rock this planet out in full style each and every time! A visual feast, moody and engaging… next time i wanna see more mojo – go for it you beautiful thing.

Christabel: Captivating theatrics at the outset with the ball, neat set background, nice arm movement and single leg hooping…. but the song lost me. I am not seeing any unique moves and only a singularly intense gothic look without much texture or variety. I’d love to see more balance in your moves and more actual dancing with your hooping.

9. Shawnee Lynn of Annville, Pennsylvania

Sharna Rose: I enjoyed your constant engaging contact with the viewer and your happy personality Shawnee. It would have been great to have had a little more light in the room just to frame your beautiful hooping, but overall well done. I hope that I get to see more from you in the future.

Bunny: Get loose girl! I love your style. Pumpn tune, slick moves, nice eye contact. I want to see you take this further and really own how hot you are.

Christabel: I like that you didn’t rely on special effects and did a single take, but I felt as if you were on a single emotional plane the whole time. You have fun energy and a good use of planes and dimensions, but the performance didn’t blow my mind.

10. Kristen “Kinetic Kristen” Teffeteller of Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Sharna Rose: I think you are a serious contender Kristen. Your hooping skills are super. I do like the setting, but would have liked to have had some close up shots with some more light. I found the background traffic with the lights full on a bit distracting. I seriously cant wait for the next one.

Bunny: Sharp! Love your spin style, moves are on, song blows my mind each and every time, technique is down but, next time, bring it more to the audience. I want to see more of what you’ve got. HOT

Christabel: Great poise, balance and lines. You have some super tricky moves and I enjoyed your beautiful kicks, jumps and leg lifts. You are very expressive and I like that. I loved seeing your inclusion of dance, long arm extensions and rolling movements. Interesting setting, but it was hard to see you as you were quite far away and blended into the background a bit. Could be fun to see some eye contact and audience interaction.

11. Glenda Jordan of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Sharna Rose: Amazing video entry for the contest Glenda. This is a seriously cool entry with beautiful scenes and great lighting. I loved the chatty bit at the end also. Congratulations for such a stellar entry. Good luck in the rest of the competition, I hope you make it through in the public vote.

Bunny: Less hair more face… I want to see that attitude close up. Jumpn track and love how you throw it around the space. It’s rebellious, crazy, wild and fun.

Christabel: You have a moving personal story and use a unique setting. I would have liked to have seen your face and eyes more and felt you had your back to the camera too much. There was a lot of random head tossing and flailing and you often moved fast, but lacked precision so it looked a bit sloppy. I would enjoy more attitude, precision and engagement.

12. Sue Wilkinson of Northamptonshire, England, UK

Sharna Rose: I absolutely loved this Sue. It was great to see some of your past in the extremely 80’s montage at the start. I loved that we could see you clearly throughout and the only thing that was missing was more of your beautiful smile. I wish you lots of luck with the public.

Bunny: You rock Sue! Loved the journey to the way back when. I’m going to dare you to go a little more ALL OUT on the costume next time. More please!

Christabel: Great introduction and background. You have some fun moves, like the head roll, and I liked that you added fire, but I would love to see more dance with your hooping, a variety facial expressions and engagement with the camera.

13. Jodi Jainchill of Gainesville, Florida, USA

Sharna Rose: You certainly brought the dance into hoop dance in this part of Hooping Idol Jodi. It was a pleasure to watch you. I would have liked the camera a little closer and had less of the grey walls as they overpowered you a little. Good luck with the competition.

Bunny: You ARE the 80s! Word to yo street style home girl. Loved the fancy footwork, a little confused by the beautiful elongated floating arms (kinda don’t match), but pulled together well by the pumpn booty action and hoop scratch’n’. Well interpreted!

Christabel: I liked the unique music and super fun, unique dance style! I love the arm and foot work and attitude. Are those leather shorts? You have the best arm movements of all of this weeks entries. Hot undulations, hip sways, butt and shoulder movements and backbend. I enjoyed your floorwork with the cardboard. Great punctuation of music with isolations. This was a hard song and you did a great job. I would love to see you add even more dance.

14. Andrea Painter of Hartley Wintney, England, UK

Philo: When the audio was stripped from Andrea’s YouTube video due to copyright issues, she uploaded it on Facebook and ensured a copy got to all of us prior to the deadline, uploading it to Vimeo as well. In a technical jam, Andie made it work.

Sharna Rose: Thoroughly enjoyable entry to the contest this week Andrea. I loved the enthusiastic and lively approach, but I would have liked the camera to have been a bit closer, just so that I might have immersed myself fully in your winning smile and genuine warmth.

Bunny Hoop Star: You just can’t go past Madonna. She IS the 80s as far as I’m concerned… and the 90s AND the Norties! You embody her well Andrea. Colour clash rox, high vibe throughout, sweet and simple. I like your style!

Christabel: While you had some fun moves, like the foot swing pass and jump with both feet to bring the hoop back onto your waist, and some sweet foot lifting accents, I am just not seeing anything new. You have a great “happy face”, but I’d like to see more variety of facial expressions and more actual dance.

15. Sylvie aka Pretty Dumpling of Darby, Montana, USA

Sharna Rose: You have a very original style of hoop dance. I love that you keep the hoop on your flexy and wiggly self. I am also a fan of the one shot hoop dance because I feel it truly represents flow in truth and integrity. However I feel the music could have been over laid after wards, as it was a little quiet. I look forward to your next video and you are certainly in my top 10.

Bunny: Everything needs to be turned UP! The music, the vibe, the space and your energy… I could feel the fear. And believe me, I know how that feels! The only way to get through it is to fake it until you make it sistar of the hoop. Amp it UP.

Christabel: You are clearly this week’s diamond in the rough. You have the most original moves and transitions of the week and have huge potential, but you need some polish: much more poise, precision, theatricality, awareness of posture and your face, audience engagement. I clearly see your signature style, but the music didn’t add anything. I would be curious to see what more dancing would add.

16. Sam Resnicow of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Sharna Rose: Great energy and presence Sam, I feel that you are a real sweet heart, it shines through in your hooping. There were a few moments when a static camera would have worked better I felt, but overall a great 1st submission to showcase your dedication to the theme. I hope to see a lot more from you in this competition.

Bunny: Hot moves… funky style… i can sense that you are just waiting to explode further. More eye contact! I want to connect with your mojo. Feels more like a demonstration or even class than a performance. Own it boy – you’ve got what it takes!

Christabel: You had some fun moves, but overall this didn’t feel like a performance, it felt more like a practice session. I liked that you added a unique outdoor glacial setting, but overall I wasn’t amazed.

17. Heather Denham of San Francisco, California, USA

Sharna Rose: Heather this was a super entry with great clothes and a lovely song. It’s a real shame that you had complications with the music because you met most of the the requirements that I have for a Hooping Idol with your sincere smile and a happy dancing presence.

Philo: When it came to our contestants having YouTube copyright violation problems, no one was hit harder than Heather. She didn’t just have her audio stripped as a result, her video was blocked from being viewed entirely. Although she uploaded a copy without sound the following day, which is presented here, it was too late for everyone on our panel of judges to view her entry. Her original soundtrack was “Dress You Up” by Madonna.

Christabel: You have great danceability, a great outfit which stood out against your backdrop and I liked your approach to the camera. This feels like a real performance and you have a budding star quality which I enjoyed watching. I liked the hip swings and steps and your dance is fun to watch. Your spacing needs some help, you lose my attention now and then with the distance, your back to the camera and some somewhat manic barrel rolls, and I would love to see some more complex hoop moves to take it to the next level. Nice work!

18. Nicole Osier of Watseka, Illinois, USA

Sharna Rose: Gongratulations Nicole. Great camera position, great hooping, great space and fantastic music. I look forward to viewing more from you here at Hooping Idol.

Bunny Hoop: I’m a sucker for a cat cameo in a hoop vid! Rock on. I love how organic this is… has a real Risky Business feel to it. Good job on keeping the props to a minimum and keeping the vibe high with the music, your moves and a really subtle but obvious sense of joy in what you are doing. Once again though – LOOK UP! and at your audience… we want to connect with you!

Christabel: With such a powerful song as this, you really need to rise up to the next level with a much bigger persona and more theatrics. You had some fun moves, like the neck roll and foot pop, but overall I didn’t see anything new in your style or dance. Some centering could help with the isolations. You have a sweet energy, but overall you need to get much BIGGER in who you are representing yourself to be… I don’t feel you “fighting for your right to party.”

19. Wesley J of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Philo: Wesley ran into an audio copyright problem on YouTube as well and his sound was removed, but he got it uploaded on Vimeo as well so we are able to enjoy it as originally presented.

Sharna Rose: At first the video effect annoyed me a little and then I understood its reference to the music video for the original song. You have lots of skills Wesley and you demonstrate them so well, but I’d have preferred to see more sections of longer flow in the video at this stage of the competition. I felt that the truth of your gentle persona that shone through in the casting video was a little lost here. However, you are a great hooper and a wonderful person and I hope to see more from you.

Bunny: The effects are fun, the tricks are ON… I want to see more character. Your repertoire lends well for something quirky. I’m gonna say – get your quirk ON and see where your inner-verse takes your performance narrative.

Christabel: You have some good skills, but I would love to see a more powerful persona, storytelling and a variety of expressions. You rely strongly on video effects rather than coming across as a superstar Hooping Idol. Overall, it feels like a practice session in your yard.

20. Stephanie Connell of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA.

Sharna Rose: You certainly embraced the feeling of the 80’s in this first part of the comptetition, the shape making parts are first class. I love the interesting backdrops and the framing. It would have been nice to see you smile more throughout but I understand you were playing a role. Looking forward to seeing more.

Bunny Hoop Star: THAT was the real deal. I was 5, hanging out in front of the TV on a Saturday morning watching Video Hits LOVING that song and LOVING YOU! European style at its best. Full points.

Christabel: Fun silhouette and super articulate movements in the beginning and I liked how isolations were synchronized with the music. But you start traveling all over and getting a bit sloppy with your stalls and floats when music speeds up. I enjoyed your double hoop segment and fun incoproration of ballon props. I’m curious to see what you come up with next. It would be nice to see you share more of your persona with the camera.

21. Dinah “Dinahmyte” Myott of Hampton, Virginia, USA

Philo: Dinah’s original soundtrack was removed due to a YouTube copyright issue, so she added a different soundtrack instead. It was originally “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode if you’d like to give it a listen to that for the original experience.

Sharna Rose: Great entry to the competition Dinah. You certainly have the skills with a variety of differing hoops. I would have loved for there to have been a little more light in some shots and perhaps a little more interaction with the audience in some also. Overall though this is great and I wish you lots of luck with the public vote.

Bunny: Mesmerising. I just love watching you spin! I do want to see more of your face though so pump up the lighting on future videos Dynamite. You rock baby. Full potential come on out!

Christabel: Great lines, leg arm and back movement in the opening segment. I’d like to see more of this. When you moved inside it felt like a home practice session, and your hair, while beautiful and dramatic, keeps flopping in your face. Also, for a song which keeps saying, “all she wants to do is dance”, I didn’t see you dancing enough. I am not feeling the ending of lying down in the hoops is as powerful an ending as you could have created.

And there you have it, your Hooping Idol finalists and their 80s Week videos. The time has come to cast your vote(s) and you can vote for as many as 5 of our finalists that you want to see continue on in the competition. You can only cast one voting ballot. Are you ready? Then Voting Has Now Been Closed. Hooping Idol 80s Week ballots are being accepted until Tuesday, March 22nd, at 11:59pm PST in order to allow our readers to view all of the selections from all of our varying time zones. The six finalists with the least amount of votes will then be eliminated. Those names will be announced on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Flow What’s in store for our Hooping Idol finalists next? While 80’s Week was indeed super fun, this week it’s all about super flow. Welcome to Flow Week on Hooping Idol. The focus for your next video challenge is about grace, beauty and elegance. Last week we asked you to show us all that you were made of as hoopers. This week we’d rather see a little less delivered with more. Be sure to review Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Hooping Video Tips to ensure you’ve got your basics covered, including choosing a soundtrack that won’t be stripped once it goes online. Choose a song that sounds like beauty and flow in your world. Choose a location, or locations, that support having a visceral experience. Remember that beauty and flow are typically more about feeling than doing and about being rather than thinking. Post your submissions on YouTube no later than 11:59pm PST on Friday, March 25th, with your entries titled “Hooping.org Hooping Idol Flow Week”. Do not post them in the forums this week. With six of you leaving the competition on Wednesday, and five more going home at the end of Flow Week, you’re going to want to make certain that this challenge is at your best.

34 thoughts on “Hooping Idol 80s Week and More

  1. I think you all hit it out the park this week. Truly proud of each and every one of you! I think I need to disagree with the judges on Shekinah’s entry though. The environment, mood and attitude went together perfectly with her soundtrack in my book.

  2. yeah, this was intense. i can’t believe i’ve gotten words from some of the best hoopers in the world… that’s even better than the prizes promised. i really hope i make thru this challenge… again, my resources are extremely limited. and i do the best with what i have. i wish i had a fancy studio to work in! i’ve learned everything i know without the use of a mirror. i’ve only seen myself in videos. i’ve based all my learning on how the hoop feels, kind of like a blind person who has to use their other senses to function. i think this is what truly makes me unique. i often tell my friends who hoop that if it feels right, it looks right. and, if you’re not dropping the hoop, you’re not learning anything new! lol. i got so nervous with this video. but i guess that’s why it’s called a challenge! it certainly was. i feel i could have done so much better. this next challenge sounds perfect for me and i hope i make it to that point. everyone here is so good. i feel like they are already hoop idols!

  3. You know who is awesome? Every single person who got involved with this. I am going to be totes honest here – i was WAY too scared to even try! LAME I know. (Fear is the mindkiller, thanks DUNE.)
    – and I was nervous without even knowing that each judges thoughts were going to be typed out for the world to see! haha! I am SO impressed by these entries. Keep on rocking everyone – you are inspiring the scaredys out there (me!) to say pfffht and get in there next time!

  4. Massively appreciate getting feedback from such great hoopers! Did think while i was filming it that i wasn’t making enough eye-contact so will definetely try n improve that in the next vid. Really hope I get through but wow! that is some stiff competetion! Good luck everyone, really enjoyed watching all the vids. xx

  5. I think it’s telling that the feedback for a lot of us is “more eye contact”. Bridging over from making personal youtube videos to actually making a performance video is such a learning experience, and I’m super inspired to step it up and try taking this to the next level whether I go on another round or not.

  6. Yes, we are all used to hooping on our own, in our own little worlds. Eye contact and facing front is a new take on what we do.

    There were some seriously good videos here, it was great to see them all. We can all be proud of ourselves for doing it.

  7. I am REALLY enjoying these videos and the feedback is fascinating.

    Can we “viewing public” critique the judges’ criticisms? I think in some cases they are missing the contestants’ homages to their original 80s sources. For example Anossen’s “singularly intense gothic look” is a fabulous copy of David Bowie’s character from Labyrinth, the fun and trippy Jim Henson movie her performance’s song is derived from. Several of the others took pains to show how they were dressing in 80s styles and colors, and in some cases (like I think Kay’s) replicating parts of the original music video. As someone who was in high school and college in the 80s, I appreciate these details!

    I do agree that some of the performances could look more like performances and less like practice sessions, although that wasn’t entirely clear from the “assignment” as I read it. (Here’s something I try to concentrate on all the time – be aware of what your “idle” hand is doing, and make it “work” the dance, too!)

    Keep ’em coming, my hoopy friends – you are inspiring!

    1. I agree. She was a fabulous Goblin King and had the make-up spot on and an actual castle in the background. I absolutely loved it, mixing cos play and hooping.

  8. Hello lovlies! I am so touched to have been asked to be a part of the judging panel. It was so fun watching all these videos and can’t wait to see what you create in the next round. There really is a science to performing and if I seem a bit “tough” on you, it is only out of a sincere desire to see you all rise up to be superstars!


  9. You were all so wonderful, thank you for sharing your talent, your creativity and your courage with all of us. It was an excruciating process to pick just 5. Good luck to everyone, and even if you don’t make it to the next round, you were great and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  10. Thanks to all the contestants for participating. It’s fascinating and fun to watch all the different styles and videos. I just voted for my five favorites and am looking forward to seeing your videos for the next challenge.

  11. Thank you judges for your feedback! I’m still such a beginner, that there were lots of things I didn’t even realize that should be included in the video! Priceless to get comments from such amazing star hoopers! I will definitely keep these comments in mind even if I’m eliminated, because they made me grow as a hooper and I’ll surely use these tips in my future videos too. Not just my own feedback, but all the other contestants feedback too. Thank you!

    Good luck to everyone! <3

  12. I like to hear the feedback too. It is true though I am just used to hooping for myself and do need to look up and smile. I wish I had some other location to film other than my living room. Plus I’m not good at editing or anything cool like that haha but it was still fun to make! I hope I make it to the next round. It sounds like another fun video to make 🙂

  13. A judge of others is a difficult position to find yourself in when you are used to judging yourself. Watching others is always a pleasure. As judge I tried to think what the plastic people on the panel shows might comment. Inside I just think you all rock socks off. So much explosive talent.

  14. i just havvvve to say, i don’t quite agree with what christabel said about anossens’ video. the song lost you?! but it’s david bowie! and her look isn’t gothic, it’s just straight up 80’s bowie. it goes perfectly together.

  15. I really enjoyed watching all of you !!! I think it is just awesome to have the opportunity to have Sharna Rose… Bunny and Christabel to watch… critique and suggest is so Amazing !!!! Thank you Philo for creating such a fun event !!! Good Luck to all of you !!! Wooooooooop Shoop a Doop!

  16. Could someone please clarify how the choices are made?? Do the judges have any ruling in which hooper gets passed onto the next round?….or is this strictly up to the public vote? If it’s up to the public it scares me that this will simply be a popular vote based on friends personal friends which would not be fair. There were definitely some hoopers passed on that I feel should not have been…and some not passed who were much better. Please clarify. Thanks and good luck to all of you.

    1. Like American Idol the judges opinions are there to help inform the decisions of the public vote. Like American Idol it is hard to predict how the opinions of the judges will actually influence that vote. If the judges appear to be in favor of a particular contestant’s submission, it is possible that voters will assume that contestant will make it to the next round on their own merit and may not need their vote. If the judges appear not to be in favor of another contestant’s submission, it is possible the voting public will rally to support keeping that individual, or individuals, in the competition for another week by voting for them instead. Like American Idol, the results of the public vote can be a little unpredictable. Unlike American Idol, however, viewers can only vote once and can cast votes for multiple contestants to help ensure a more democratic community process.

      As for the belief that certain hoopers are continuing on that should not be, that’s actually a pretty harsh thing to say. And it is also, of course, a matter of your own personal taste.

  17. I’m sorry about my comment..it was not intended to be harsh. In reading your response I still find flaws in the voting. Like you said if the judges tend to favor someone who is actually the strongest hooper, then the public might not vote for them..if they get dismissed then the “best hooper” is eleminated…not because they deserved to be. I’m just so concerned that the voters are primarily going to be voters tied to the contestants. I just hoped that the “professionals” had some say at the end of it all.

  18. I agree with 1neluv. It would not be right if the contestant with the most friends would win, instead of the contestant showing the most “next hooping idol” potential. It would be nice if the judges could “save” a contestant from elimination if they thought that person had more potential than the voting public gave them credit for. I do not know any of the contestants personally. I enjoyed watching all the videos and voted for my five favorites – hoopers who showed more advanced and interesting moves and had a more distinctive personal style, and showed promise for awesomeness. Unfortunately, some of those hoopers were eliminated, and I’m dissappointed I won’t see them in the next challenge.

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