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Lara Eastburn: Hooping Geneaologist

Lara Eastburn [In this week’s interview Jodi Flesberg Lilly turns the spotlight on Columnist Lara Eastburn of regarding her work on The Hooping Family Tree.]

by Jodi Flesberg Lilly

I have been fascinated by the idea of a family tree for hoopers since columnist Lara Eastburn (pictured) first posted her request for information on one’s ‘hoop parents’ on last summer.  Though I’ve never been interested in my ancestral genealogy, I was intrigued by the idea of someone gathering and mapping information about where, how and from whom one’s hoop life was sparked into being.  Since then my curiosity about who would initiate this potentially massive project prompted me to become online friends with her. One day I signed in to Facebook and saw her status that said simply, “I wish someone would interview me about The Hooping Family Tree Project” and I sent her an email saying that I’d love to do just that.

Lara has spent countless hours organizing the information she has received from hoopers around the world and putting it into a colorful, searchable online map. The Hooping Family Tree Project is rapidly growing and making it possible to track the history of hooping from it’s humble beginnings to the centerpiece around which an international community of hoopers has developed and continues to flourish.  It has been my pleasure to get to know Lara through our conversations and glean just a little of what she has learned since she started the project.

The Return of Katie Deppe

VIDEO OF THE DAY: While we haven’t seen much from Katie Deppe in the recent months since she had her baby, it’s great to see her back. Video features special guest appearances by family and a surprise ending. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Soundtrack: “”Pencil/MyPiano/Firehouse (Soroka Remixes)” by Wu Tang Clan from “Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture, Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep” (on iTunes).

Hooping For Men, Penn State and a Clown

Bethany Seib • If there are any male readers who think that hooping is just for girls, don’t worry. Dizzy Hips has got your back: This Trick Proves Hula Hooping is a Man’s Sport

• Are you the hula hoop woman of Mahon Hall? Jana is stalking you: Hula Hoop Woman, Call Me

• If Dizzy Hips didn’t convince you that hooping is a man’s sport, maybe the Penn State Men’s Volleyball Team will change your mind: Men’s Volleyball: Hula Hoop Pros

• Speaking of Penn State, the Centre Daily Times just ran some photos from Bethany Seib’s hoop class: Jumping through (Hula) Hoops

• And finally, just in case you were wondering, Ubi the Clown has a really big one: Ubi the clown hula hooping

Hooping Idol Flow Week Results Show

Who is safe and who will be going home this week? It’s all revealed in our Hooping Idol Flow Week Results Show. If you’re new to Hooping Idol, check out all of the finalist entries on our Hooping Idol Flow Week Challenge page. It has all the info to get you fully caught up on Hooping Idol as well. And for those who want to have more flow in their hooping life, be sure to check in to the Flow Zone forum, co-moderated by Khan Wong and Beth Lavinder – especially this discussion sparked by Hooping Idol Flow Week.

WakeUp2Life Duo To Document Hoop Dream

wakeup2life WakeUp2Life is a new film project about two girls with one dream: traveling the world for one year using a camera and a hula hoop as their tools to barter for survival. The aim of their mission is simple: to inspire people to dream and by doing so, bring a little more peace to our planet. The pair have only just begun their journey. Jaime Leigh Gianopoulos is an aspiring filmmaker who believes that imagination and belief is the start of everything. Having previously shot a documentary in Kosovo, this time around the story is going to be much more personal. Kelly Diane Rangel is an artist from Los Angeles who chooses to fire hoop around the world, stay with locals and live on little money – a circle that keeps spinning her in the right direction. “My life is an experiment of expression. Some people think I am crazy, some people say they live through me but I am just living my dream. I have proved to myself there are endless possibilities.” Watch the trailer for the film along with two prequel videos below: