Shakti Sunfire: The Wanderlust Interview

Shakti SunfireWanderlust interviews Shakti Sunfire, our 2010 Hoopie Award winning Fire Hooper about her fire hoop practice. They write, “Shakti continues to witness her own transformation inside the hoop. Now a resident of San Francisco, Shakti draws on her experiences and her heavy participation in the community to encourage unfettered self-expression centered in the heart. She teaches hoop workshops and performs internationally. Shakti was certified in 2008 in Beginning Hatha Yoga at the Shambhava School of Yoga on the Big Island of Hawai’i. She is currently undergoing intensive training in Anusara Yoga specifically, and is studying Tantrik philosophy, and sanskrit with Yogasthana, The Foundation for Yoga. In her writing Shakti dives deep into human experience, exposing universal connection and poignant synchronicity through personal narrative. Recently, Shakti sat down with us for a quick interview. Shakti, I find your fire hoop dancing mesmerizing and challenging, how do you do it?” She responds, “Firehooping is really no different than regular hooping, once you get used to the whoosh whoosh whoosh and heat of the flames as they pass by. Like all new things, you start slowly with caution and with respect of the fire element, feeling into it with sensitivity and safety. You start in the intellectual mind – ‘will this move burn me?’ and soon move into the heart, the thoughtless mind, the flow of the moment. With fire I’ve found the dance to be particularly potent – never are you more aware of your dance partner.” Full interview: Wanderlust

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