Jen and Keith Moore Lose 300 Pounds Hooping

In Rochester, New York, WHAM Channel 13 reports on how Jen and Keith Moore turned to family, friends and food after their second daughter was stillborn. They ballooned to over 300 pounds each. The turning point for Jen happened when she was turned away from a ride at Seabreeze Amusement Park. That’s when she discovered Hoopnotica. Hooping and a strict diet helped the Moore’s lose 300 pounds. Now they’re teaching hooping to others.

10 thoughts on “Jen and Keith Moore Lose 300 Pounds Hooping

  1. I’m glad this mentions the whole diet angle. one thing that frustrates me is the whole idea that hooping is going to magically make you lose weight with no effort at all. i love hooping but i don’t love setting up unrealistic expectations

  2. Thanks ladies 🙂 Definitely tweaking what you eat is so important, but I have to add that hooping truly was the key. I’d tried a million times in my life to switch my eating habits, and without finding an activity to engage in-especially one that helped me center and stay strong when the desire to overeat/binge/go off plan came in (um, almost daily at first, ugh!), I could never make that lifestyle change to healthier eating. To me the key truly was finding myself in the hoop, becoming confident when I started to actually be able to hoop gave me the confidence to say “YES, I CAN do this and lose weight and not give in to cravings or old habits”.

  3. oh, this story just brought tears to my eyes. I know nothing can ever fill that void of heart from losing a child- but how inspirational that hooping not only helped them physically but mentally as well from dealing with such a hard loss. <3

  4. Hi Jen,
    Your name was given to me by Julie from the YMCA. She said you sell Hula hoops. I would like one for my stomach area. I look forward to hearing from you or call me 585-227-0370

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