Hoop Researchers Research Hooping

Hoop ResearchersIn 2009, Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand and Martie Smith Roberts, started hooping to exercise, hang out with friends, and get out of the office. They were instantly hooked. So when the time came for research on their way to obtaining their Ph.D.s in the Religious Studies graduate program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, they decided to research the hooping community as part of their shared interests in hooping, flow, and embodied spirituality. They told Hooping.org, “All of the hoopers we have met and talked with are passionate about hooping. They often explain that this passion comes from the many ways hooping has changed their lives for the better, with many claiming health, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. The aim of our research is to gain a better understanding of the hooping community by looking at who hoops, why they hoop, and what hooping means to them.” The results of their research will be shared here on Hooping.org and knowing that our international hooping community really comes together online, they’ve put their research survey on the web. Who do they hope will take it? “This is not a survey that in any way ranks hoopers or hooping methods, nor is it limited to those who hoop for hours everyday. The survey will provide a better understanding of the hooping community broadly. So, if you just started hooping, haven’t hooped in a while, or hoop everyday, we would greatly appreciate your participation!” You can take the anonymous hoop survey here: Survey Monkey

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  1. I am so glad you are doing this research! This is much needed in hooping. My background is in psychotherapy and nursing and I would love to see hooping used in these areas. This will not be done without credible research… we all know the benefits but to have it investigated and written up professionally is key to getting the rest of the world to validate hooping and see it’s positive benefits. Thank you!

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