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Spring Renewal: Our 30/30 Challenge Returns

Renewal [ columnist Rayna McInturf leads us again in deepening a daily hoop practice.]

by Rayna McInturf

A little structure, commitment and accountability to others in our lives can sometimes do us a world of good. So for those who have been wanting to know when’s 30/30 Challenge would return so you could do it again, and for those of you who encountered life obstacles in January that have been wanting the opportunity to give it another shot, I’m happy to report that the wait is over! The 30/30 Challenge returns tomorrow for the month of March, just in time for a Spring renewal in our lives. Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, and running through Wednesday, March 30th, by taking time each day to hoop for 30 minutes we are certain to have our bodies and spirits blooming. And for those who need even more motivation, we have another contest for you this time around as well!

Get Renewed With HoopGirl

Hoopgirl In the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s recent “Renew” Issue the publication shines the spotlight on HoopGirl. “Christabel Zamor moves like a snake — eyes fixed, lithe body writhing, hips rippling back and forth — which isn’t really surprising, considering the number of times she’s shed her skin. Zamor is a hoopdancer — one of those sylph-like sirens who show up at parties and raves and on the playa in order to make the men drool and the women vow to do sit-ups. She credits hooping as the secret to her sensuous shape — but if you’re thinking of getting out your snake charmer’s flute, let’s get one thing straight: in this case, it’s the sexy serpent who’s charming you. Zamor is magnetic and incredibly talented, but what sets her apart from other Bay Area hoopers is her avid following, cultivated by Hooping! The Book!, an array of instructional DVDs and 72-hour teacher training program that has certified 570 instructors in 16 countries. Zamor is HoopGirl® — a persona that not only has allowed her to whittle her waist and tone her tummy but to explode into a fitness franchise.” Full story: San Francisco Bay Guardian

Tosh.O and the Flaming Hula Hoop

Tosh.O Flaming Hula Hoop“Tosh.O” is a weekly topical series on the Comedy Central television network featuring comedian Daniel Tosh. On his most recent episode Tosh reviews a recent YouTube video that went rather viral of several guys jumping through a rolling hoop. Perhaps you remember it on In any case, in his “I’m Better Than You Na-Na Stick Your Head in Doo Doo” segment he and some of his friends set out to outdo the feat by not only having seven people running through a hoop, they run through it several times, and the hoop is on fire. Watch the segment here on Comedy Central: Tosh.O

Mount St. Mary’s University Hoops It Up

Sue Kemp of Soolah HoopsThe Mountain Echo, the publication from Mount St. Mary University in Emmitsburg, Maryland, gets hooping with Sue Kemp of Soolah Hoops. She explained, “Hooping benefits the core aspect of a fitness workout for your body. It can work your whole body with on the body hooping, hand hooping, and arm hooping. It is a terrific stress reliever and it has more of a play aspect instead of that tough work out aspect.” In 2008, while chasing her dreams to become a fire dancer, Kemp fell in love with the art of hula hooping. “I love just getting into the flow of the hoop. You end up losing yourself in the spinning of the hoop. I can hoop for hours sometimes, three to four if I am around live music, and not even think about the fact that I hooped for that long.” Full story: The Mountain Echo

In Your Dreams

Contemplative Mind [This week columnist Lara Eastburn gets into the Hooposophy of our hoop dreams.]

by Lara Eastburn

One way to think of the unconscious is as a rich, deep, magical reservoir of untapped YOU. Ever wonder if yours is storing some mad hoop secrets just waiting to be unraveled? Can you resolve the mental block you’ve got around that one awesome move while taking a nap? Is it possible to literally dream yourself into upper echelons of your art? Grab a pillow, dear readers, dim the lights … and join me on a journey into how you can help your unconscious help your hooping.

“Knowledge is not an object that you acquire. It’s not a mechanism that somehow you provide to the human mind. It’s actually an epiphanal moment and I think this is true of the arts, poetry, painting, music…” – Arthur Zajonc, physicist at Amherst College and leading figure of a national collective of academics at The Center for the Contemplative Mind

“Hooping is ALL muscle-memory” – we’ve heard it a million times. I’ve said it at least a thousand times myself. But that’s not exactly true, is it? Certainly, we owe to regular practice and repetition their due for mastery of movement. Our muscles learn, and they remember. And we know that our muscles store memories of their own, from every year of our lives.

But when our bodies create something unexpected in the hoop … when we have those rare and beautiful, spontaneous and surprising moments that wow even ourselves (What was THAT?), where does it come from? Like penning a poem that seems to have been written by someone else, or waking in the morning with a brilliant idea that wasn’t there the night before, these moments of epiphany can feel “divine” or magical. They can seem as though they’ve come from somewhere outside ourselves. But, no, I look down and see that it’s my hand holding the pen that just wrote that song. I’m pretty sure that’s my body that just flawlessly executed a graceful and beautiful sequence in my hoop that I’ve never seen before.