Silvia Pavone: Atma

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Silvia Pavone has inspired us to start work on a couple of new moves. We have a feeling she’ll be doing the same for you. She performs here on New Year’s Eve with Circus Marcel in Schoten, Belgium. She lives in London, England, UK. Video by Thomas Forsyth. Soundtrack: “Moan” by Trentemøller (on iTunes). .



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  1. Wow. Massive skills. I like the way she punctuated her flow with strong poses. She made a lot of incredibly difficult movements appear deceptively easy.

  2. elise says:

    Truly awesome: dance and circus and you’re right some great new! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Unbelievable.
    Love the tune aswell!

  4. Stormy says:

    There should have been far more applause going on; That was killer! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Philo Hagen says:

    Silvia Pavone is my new hoop crush. Just sayin ;)

  6. amykay says:

    AMAZING!!! This is so inspiring! :D
    Big up the UK hoopers! xxxxxxxxx

  7. Christine says:

    She is amazing! Wish I could move my body like that.

  8. Kamala says:

    OK – so this woman is like a human kaleidoscope. Amazing!

  9. Do ya’ll think she is using aluminum hoops? She is fabulous!

  10. It’s the girl from the instep video! I recognised her little head flick after the isolation and looked her up. Check out “frank music, in step”- it’s the first hooping video I ever saw and I was gobsmacked. It’s my dream to one day be able to recreate the moves in that vid. Love her!

  11. Marshoopial says:

    I loved this and will be trying some of the tricks. I think this is the pinacle of hoopdancing. She is superb……..

  12. Silvia Pavone says:

    Thanks so much everyone :)
    Having started hooping by watching videos on here and the hoop tribe, I am so flattered to read your comments.
    I don’t use aluminium hoops, they are rhythmic gymnastics hoops taped with holographic silver tape ;)

  13. Thanks for the info, Silvia!

  14. bruna says:

    Silvia, you are great!!!! you are my favourite hooper!!!!!

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