Matthias Elliott: Recurring Seasons

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Matthias Elliott finally releases his first hoop video and we fully expect to see it in the Hoopie Awards next year. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Soundtrack: “Recurring” by Bonobo (on iTunes).

21 thoughts on “Matthias Elliott: Recurring Seasons

  1. Wow wow wow…… i had not seen most of these comments yet!! I am sorta speechless thank you everyone!
    @Lynn: I will, I just need to get some time to work on it. If a verbal explanation will help, it’s that sort of horizontal warrior/weave/lasso thing and you flip your hand over right after the weave… I know that’s probably not much help but it’s the best I can do verbally. I’ll try to make something in the next week or two.
    @Savvy: Not really that much. I visit my buddy in st augustine occasionally and a friend near Ocala (an amazing hooper who constantly inspires me check out sparrowvisionquest on youtube),I was at bear creek music fest. I just committed to teach a session at hoop camp this year. It’ll be pretty heavy in bushido style off body stuff. Sorta my jam as of late 🙂 Where are you? If I’m ever near I’ll hit ya up for some hoop love!

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