Hoopies: The 2011 Hoopie Award Winners

2011 Hoopie Awards It’s time to announce the winners of the Fourth Annual Hoopie Awards. Preliminary nominations were open the first week of January and those results were then tabulated and presented to 25 randomly selected hoopers who made themselves available to be of service on their original nomination ballot. Literally drawn out of hat, these panelists reviewed your submissions and made their top five selections in each category, which resulted in the top six in each category (or seven if there was a tie) becoming your official nominated finalists. 2010 was a truly dynamic year for hooping and as we’ve grown and evolved, so did the awards with the addition of the new Solo Video of the Year category. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the celebration this year with an extra special thanks to Hoopin’ Annie of World Hoop Day and Sunny Becks-Crumpton of Hooping for Hope who took over the responsibility this year of validating your computerized vote counts. With thousands of votes cast this year, are you ready to find out where the Hoopies are going? Who did the community give Hoopie trophies to in the Fourth Annual Hoopie Awards? Without further ado we present your 2011 Hoopie Award Winners:


hoopie awards: photo of the year: hoop - rebecca halls by melanie elliott

The envelope please… And the Hoopie Award for Photo of the Year goes to Hoop: Rebecca Halls, featuring Rebecca “Beka Hoop” Halls. Photo by Mélanie Elliott of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Also nominated:
Danielle Odette Burns Up Denver
ISAria’s Turkish Delight
Khan Wong: Flow Show
Mary Jane Shroeder at a Festival
Veronika “Kit” Petra-Goodnight: Smokin’


solo video of the year: ok who just hooped on the floor?

And in the closest Hoopies race of the year, so close that it was won by a mere six votes, “Ok, Who Just Hooped On The Floor?” by Brecken Rivara captures your Solo Hoop Video of the Year trophy.

Also nominated:
Bliss 3:35 with Erin Sparrow
Hoop Cam with Lara Eastburn
Masha Hula Hoops with Masha Terentieva
My Hooping Journey with Ross Cleland,
Spiral: Flow Show 2


video of the year: gotta hoop

The highest voted nominee in any category this year, the 2011 Hoopie for Video of the Year goes to Gotta Hoop by Philo Hagen. Video of the Year must feature two or more.

Also nominated:
Bristol Hoop Massive
Hoop: Behind The Scenes
Hula Hoop Goddesses
Ten Person Eagle Roll
World Hoop Day Dance Compilation


tutorial of the year: bags of poop 1.0: the first movement

Steve Bags created your clear choice for Tutorial of the Year of 2010: Bags of Poop 1.0: The First Movement.

Also nominated:

The Elbow Attack by Babz Robinson
Exploring Outer Space with Ann Humphreys by Jaguar Mary
Hoop Practice Principles with Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach by Jaguar Mary
Khan Rolls featuring Khan Wong by Jaguar Mary
Kickstart with Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young
No Handed Step Through by Mona Shpongledhoops


soundtrack of the year: mimosa's psychedelic stereo

While we can’t always agree on what music to hoop to, more hoopers agreed on Mimosa’s Psychedelic Stereo (on iTunes) than anything else in 2010.

Also nominated:
• Amy Steinberg: Exactly (on iTunes)
• Balkan Beat Box: Blue Eyed Black Boy (on iTunes)
• Bird of Prey: Kiva (on iTunes)
• Bonobo: Kiara (on iTunes)
• Freestylers Featuring Belle Humble: Cracks (Ctrl-z Remix) (on iTunes)


event of the year: the hooping life premieres

And the Hoopie goes to The Hooping Life, a feature length documentary film directed by Amy Goldstein that premiered in 2010 at the Sarasota, Santa Cruz & Montreal World Film Festivals.

Also nominated:
“Gotta Hoop” Goes Viral in The New York Times, Huffington Post and more
Las Vegas Looks at Hula Hoop Ban, Hoopnotica protests
Prachi Garud Hoops Up India’s Got Talent
UK Sets New World Record For Most Hooping At Once
World Hoop Day Dance Got Our Globe Dancing for WHD


newbie of the year: nick guzzardo: castle rock, colorado, usa

For the 2011 Hoopie Awards overall, Nick Guzzardo spun away with the Newbie Hoopie award, scoring your second highest vote total in any category – a true Hoopies favorite. Only hoopers that started hooping in 2010 were eligible for this award.

Also nominated:
• Ji Min Hwang: Brooklyn, New York, USA
• “Miss Texas”: Morroco
• Noora Tiainen: Kirkkonummi, Finland
• Rachel “The Italian Hooper”: Milano, Italy
• Riahoopaleena Blossoms: New York, New York, USA
• Zach Fischer: San Francisco, California, USA


community of the year: dc hoop collective, washington, dc, usa

The DC Hoop Collective made their mark in 2010 and you all recognized them for doing so by giving them the Hoop Community of the Year award.

Also nominated:
• Austin, Texas, USA
• Bend, Oregon, USA
• Boulder, Colorado, USA
• Bristol, England, UK
• Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• Los Angeles, California, USA


performance group of the year: hoopdrum, carrboro, north carolina, usa

Which performance group out performed the others in the 2011 Hoopie Awards? Hoopdrum did, your choice for Performance Group of the Year.

Also nominated:
• Boston Hoop Troop: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
• Code Red Circus Conspiracy: Oakland, California, USA
• The Gyronauts: Dallas, Texas, USA
• The Hoola Monsters: Tampa Bay, Florida
• Hoop La La: London, England, UK
• The Hoop Unit: San Diego, California


instructor of the year: rich porter & spiral, san francisco, california usa

Rich Porter and Spiral taught their hoop technique in tandem last year, and together they were your overwhelming favorite in this category, scoring the third highest point spread of the awards.

Also Nominated:
• Ann Humphreys: Brooklyn, New York, USA
• Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
• Brie “Luna Breeze” Blakeman: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
• Jocelyn Gordon: Washington, DC, USA
• Malcolm Stuart: New York, New York, USA


fire hooper of the year: shredder, san francisco, california usa

And in what became the second tightest race of the 2011 Hoopie Awards, Erin “Shredder” Schrader emerged from the flames as your Fire Hooper of the Year favorite.

• Kandice Korves-Kaus: Santa Rosa, California, USA
• Kari “Revolva” Jones: Oakland, California, USA
• Olivia “Olive Oyl” Pizzo: Detroit, Michigan, USA
• Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• Julia “Jewels” Hartsell: Carrboro, North Carolina


male hooper of the year: philo hagen, los angeles, california usa

In another close race, one hooper edged out the others as your choice for Male Hooper of the Year, giving the Hoopie this year to Philo Hagen.

Also nominated:
• Arseny “Seny” Knyazev: New York, New York, USA
• Khan Wong: San Francisco, California, USA
• Malcolm Stuart: New York, New York, USA
• Nick Guzzardo: Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
• Rainbow Michael Haynes: Boulder, Colorado, USA


female hooper of the year: spiral, san francisco, california usa

And which female hooper spun it up above the rest for you in 2010? The honor this year goes to none other than Spiral.

Also nominated:
• Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach: Los Angeles, California, USA
• Beth Lavinder: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
• Mona Shpongledhoops: Portland, Oregon, USA
• Rebecca “Beka Hoop” Halls: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Sharna Rose: Maidstone, England, UK
• Tiana Zoumer: Berkeley, California, USA

And remember, if you’re a hooper, you’re already a winner. Hooping.org salutes all of the nominees this year. We’ll see you next year at the same time in the same place – with the addition of a new award category – Hoop Event of the Year. The awards keep evolving and getting better because of input from people like you, so if you’ve got something you’d like to see next time around, let us know. As always we also welcome your submissions for news, photos, videos, tutorials and more. Thanks hoopers and we hope your new year is a very Hoopie one.

24 thoughts on “Hoopies: The 2011 Hoopie Award Winners

  1. Philo congrats on all of your accomplishments this year! Male Hooper of the Year and Gotta Hoop!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!!!

    Also congrats to all of the other Hoopie award winners… you bring a lot of hoopiness to those around you!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners and all the nominees! And thank you all for being here, and making the hoop community so special. And a extra big THANK YOU to Philo, for all he does every day for this community, and thanks for that awesome Gotta Hoop video. Makes me happy every single time I watch it.

  3. Way to go all you fabulous hoopers out there keep up the awesome work. Lots of these videos are videos that I have checked out this past year already and watched them for my own inspiration it is nice to see these videos become so well recognized : )

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