Hoopie Awards 2011: Rock The Vote

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Welcome to the 2011 Hoopie Awards, Hooping.org’s 4th Annual Awards celebration honoring greatness in our hoop community. We’d like to remind everyone that if you’re a hooper, then you’re already a winner – each and every one of you. This year nominations opened on Monday, January 3rd, and closed on Friday, January 7th at 9pm PST. Nomination proceedings were publicized several times on the front page of Hooping.org, as well as in our forums and through our associated social networks. The final results were then tabulated and presented to our 2011 Hoopie Awards Finalist Panel consisting of 25 randomly selected hoopers who made themselves available to be of service on their original nominating ballot. Panelists voted for their top five selections in each category, those votes were added up, and we now present your official nominated finalists, six in each category, perhaps more in the event that there was a tie. So come on in and find out more about the nominees, rules and cast your Hoopies vote below:

VOTING RULES: You may vote for one selection for each category below and you may cast only one voting ballot. Please note that our voting system automatically logs your IP address, the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer. Exceeding the number of votes from your IP address will cause all votes from that IP address to be disqualified. If you have other people who want to vote that share your computer at home or work we apologize for the difficulties this presents, but in our efforts to ensure fairness there can be no exceptions. None. Sorry. We appreciate your understanding. You must also submit votes in a minimum of three categories for your ballot to be considered valid. Your ballot must be cast no later than 9pm PST on Friday, January 21st.

Final vote counts are being validated this year by Annie Leffingwell O’Keefe of World Hoop Day and by Sunny Becks-Crumpton of Hooping for Hope. World Hoop Day events were celebrated for the first time on all seven continents on 10/10/10, raising funds to gift hoops to needy kids around the globe. And Hooping For Hope expanded their mission in 2010 to enhance the lives and lift the spirits of breast cancer survivors by donating hoops to women in all fifty U.S. states. Hooping.org applauds their contributions to our community and we’re delighted to have them both on board.

To encourage more thoughtful voting, allow us first to give you the links you need to view the photos, videos, and tutorials prior to voting, hear the songs if you don’t know them all, and check out the talents of the Newbie nominees. We know you want to make smart decisions and we’re here to help. Is someone or something missing from the nominees you think should have been there? Perhaps they already won a Hoopie Award for that category and Hoopie Award winners are not eligible to win in the same category twice.

In 2010 Hooping.org took another step up in showcasing the very best in hoop photography and the nominees for Photo of the Year are all in fact just that. While Danielle Odette Set Denver on Fire (Photo by Don Searle), ISAria served us Turkish Delight, Khan Wong was in the Flow (Photo by Sergio Lialin) and Mary Jane Shroeder was spinnig it up (Photo by Alyssa Marie Young). Photographer Mélanie Elliott captured Rebecca “Beka Hoop” Halls and Veronika “Kit” Petra-Goodnight was smokin’, literally. (Photo by Brion Topolski for Zen Arts LA). Aren’t these great hooping photos? We know, it is a very tough decision

This year we split the Video of the Year category in two with a Hoopie for outstanding solo video (featuring one person only), and another for a video featuring two or more. In solo videos for 2010 there were six that stood alone: Bliss 3:35 with Erin Sparrow, Hoop Cam with Lara Eastburn, Masha Hula Hoops with Masha Terentieva, My Hooping Journey with Ross Cleland, “OK, Who Just Hooped On The Floor?” with Brecken Rivara and Spiral: Flow Show with Vivian “Spiral” Hancock.

And then your selections for outstanding videos with two or more people came down to the following six: Bristol Hoop Massive by Steve Bags, Gotta Hoop by Philo Hagen, Hoop: Behind The Scenes by Marites Carino, Hula Hoop Goddesses by George Langworthy, Ten Person Eagle Roll by Danielle Odette and the World Hoop Day Dance Compilation by Kristen “Tink” McQuillin.

When it came to online tutorials in 2010 there were plenty to watch, and there’s plenty to choose from in this years Hoopie Awards too. Our finalist panel narrowed it down to these seven: Bags of Poop: The First Movement by Steve Bags, The Elbow Attack by Babz Robinson, Exploring Outer Space featuring Ann Humphreys by Jaguar Mary, Hoop Practice Principles featuring Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach by Jaguar Mary, Khan Rolls featuring Khan Wong by Jaguar Mary, Kickstart by Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young, and The No Handed Step Through by Mona “Shpongledhoops”.

What would hooping be without music, right? And there are as many sounds that people love to hoop to as there are hoopers. Nonetheless, these six were selected as favorites this year: Amy Steinberg: Exactly, Balkan Beat Box: Blue Eyed Black Boy, Bird of Prey: Kiva, Bonobo: Kiara, Freestylers Featuring Belle Humble: Cracks (Ctrl-z Remix), and Mimosa: Psychedelic Stereo

Of the many events that took place during 2010 that helped to spread the joy of hooping, six were selected as the most significant in carrying the hooping message to others. A) The Gotta Hoop video by Philo Hagen went viral appearing in The New York Times, The Huffington Post and more. B) The Hooping Life documentary film by director Amy Goldstein premiered at film fesitvals including The Sarasota Film Festival, the Santa Cruz Film Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival, C) Las Vegas looked at banning hula hoops on Fremont Street and Hoopnotica organized a protest that appears on several news channels, D) Prachi Garud hoops it up on India’s Got Talent and she appears several times on her way to the semifinals, E) The Sport Relief Hoopathon sets a new Guiness world record for the most hoopers spinning it up at the same time, taking place in numerous cities throughout the UK, F) and the World Hoop Day Dance organized by choreographer Kristen “Tink” McQuillin got hoopers dancing for World Hoop Day in many cities.

Of those who picked up a hoop for the first time in 2010, our finalist panel agreed that these seven (there was a tie) were outstanding newcomers to our community: Ji Min Hwang, Miss Texas, Nick Guzzardo, Noora Tiainen, Rachel “The Italian Hooper”, Riahoopaleena Blossoms and Zach Fischer

So are you ready to vote now? Hooping.org is pleased to present your top nominated finalists for the 2011 4th Annual Hoopie Awards.

We’re Sorry, Voting for the 2011 Hoopie Awards Ended at 9PM PST on Friday, January 21st.