Home Schooled Happy Hula Hoopers

Abbey Hula HoopsThe Homeschool Project has found a new hobby. The O’shea family has discovered hooping. Sarajane writes, “During the fall we were introduced by another homeschool family to hooping and we’ve taken to it like ducks to water. Okay, so some of us better than others. The kids are really good at least. Who knew there was such a large community of hoopers out there but apparently this is the new exercise craze. Since we’ve taken up the hobby, I’ve noticed a ton of attention given to it from classes at the Y to it’s very own annual Day. We have had such a great time learning how to hoop! Some days I’m not sure if we burn more calories hooping or laughing. One thing is for sure, we’ve found an activity that will get us all up and moving, having fun with each other as a family. We’re learning together, laughing together, and loving hooping.” Full post with videos of the kids spinning their home made hoops: The Homeschool Project

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