Bangkok Abuzz About Hooping

Sutthimas RoongwitooThe Bangkok Post interviews Sutthimas Roongwitoo while uncovering the “Fifties fad that is making a comeback” and reveal that there has been a “surge in the number of hooping competitions across Thailand. “After a lengthy absence from backyards and playgrounds, this time-honoured toy is enjoying a big revival in its fortunes, with even grown-ups now recognising its potential as a fun form of physical exercise. Various styles are again on sale in leading department stores, open-air bazaars and even fresh-produce markets and the renewed popularity of ‘hooping’ has seen a surge in the number of competitions organised across the country. Some contests test individual ability – the traditional skill being, of course, to keep the hoop rotating freely around one’s waist for as long as possible – while others reward teamwork in synchronised group events. Some contestants are even upping the ante by hooping while jogging.” The article goes into choosing a hoop, weight loss advice and more, but the video interview with Sutthimas is the true highlight: Bangkok Post

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