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The Legend of the Hoop That Started a Revolution

STI [ columnist Lara Eastburn looks deeper into the legend of how hooping as we know it began.]

by Lara Eastburn

For many, the history of hula hooping begins with Wham-O and the 1950’s mania for a tiny plastic circle. Judith Lanigan and Rayna McInturf can take you even further on a hoop-trip into ancient times. But the oil-tinted and black-and-white history of tiny toy hoops isn’t responsible for inspiring the re-generation of hoopdance as we know it, are they? Somehow, somewhere, somebody got it into their head to make an adult-sized hoop, a hoop that most anyone could keep up, a hoop that would change lives. Once upon a time, someone made the hoop that would eventually spawn a community of people whose lives would be centered around it. One day, that person made a “big hoop.” Several years later, there were hoopers. Ever wondered about how that happened?’s reasearcher-extraordinaire digs deep for the story.

Sandy: Doe de Hoelahoep

Sandy, who was such a big star in the Netherlands in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that she only needed one name – even though her real name is Anita Weijers, had a string of hit records. She also had a hoop of her own that is obviously much larger than the dancers who are performing with her. “Doe de Hoelahoep” was the opening track from her 1979 album simply entitled “Sandy” which featured another of her big hits as well called “I’m so in love with John Travolta.” Her other top 40 hit was called “Goodbye my little teddy bear.”

MizFit Finds Out About Hooping

MizFitJo Mondy of Live Love Hoop, co-moderator of’s Hoop Instructors forum, guest blogs on Miz Fit Online, with part one this week, and part two next week. She writes, “Hooping can also bring you into the moment. I love how mediation calms the craziness in my mind, but I sometimes struggle to actually sit still and clear my thoughts. I find hula hooping a great form of moving mediation, a way to stay in the moment and tune out mental distractions. If you really want to get into the zone, try blindfolded hooping. First, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Put on a great song, tie on a blindfold (you can close your eyes but a blindfold is better) and get hooping. You might feel a little silly for the first minute, but stick with it! Tune into the rhythmic circular motion of the hoop as it rolls around you and massages your tummy. Breath deep and relax.” The blog is based in Austin, Texas. Full post: Miz Fit Online