Make a Hula Hoop Holiday Wreath

hula hoop holiday wreathGot an extra hoop laying around that has a kink in it? Decide to make a hoop and cut one too small? Chances are you probably have an extra hoop around you’re never going to use and rather than throw that in a landfill, you can turn it into a holiday wreath. Jennifer Perkins writes, “My fireplace was just begging for a holiday makeover and who was I to say no? A ready made wreath large enough to not look dwarfed on my stone wall was either too expensive or just not my style, and that’s when I remembered Tallulah’s abandoned Hula Hoop and the fun began.” All you need to make it happen is some vintage wrapping paper, liquid fusion glue, a hot glue gun, clothes pins, a cardboard box, books, Aleene’s Tacky Transparent Tape for Crafters, scissors, ribbons and bows, a pen, and of course a hula hoop. While Jennifer makes a wreath of holiday presents, you can of course turn just about anything into a wreath with a smidge of craftiness and a little imagination. Her instructions: The Hive

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