Inside The Hoop: Amy Goldstein of The Hooping Life

Director Amy Goldstein With recent sell-out premieres and with The Hooping Life documentary the buzz at Art Basel Miami Beach this weekend, we spoke with Amy Goldstein, Director of the film, to find out what we can expect next and how we can all get to see it. What is “The Hooping Life” for those who may not know? She said, “The Hooping Life is the first film to chronicle today’s groovy subcultural uprising of hula-hoopers who overthrow the shackles of convention and turn a child’s toy into club art, teacher’s aid and a redemptive tool. The film follows eight of the early pioneers of the hooping movement. We turned hoopers into filmmakers, lending them cameras to document their trailblazing escapades.”

Readers are always asking how they can see the film and how they can bring it to their hometown. She responded, “We’re working on that! After sold out premieres at the Montreal World, Santa Cruz and Sarasota Film Festivals, we have been inundated with requests. And even though we’re unable to respond to them all, please keep them coming so that we can orchestrate them into a wider release. Be as specific as possible, in terms of where you would like to screen the film and what kind of crowd you can bring in. Unfortunately we can’t screen for free as we need to make back the costs of production, and in order to orchestrate the widest release possible we need financial partners, partners who will benefit as well. What we have come up with so far with the help of Eclipse Worldwide, a company that matches films with sponsors, is that we are aiming for a US release in the summer of 2011 to give us time to raise significant funds. The summer is also a great time to be outside and hoop all over the country!”

Can you clue us in on what the release plan looks like? She answered, “The release will be kicked off by a single day of simultaneous movie premieres in over 450 theaters, followed by a live event with some of the most cutting-hedge hooping out there. The film will then go on a twenty-city sponsor-wrapped bus tour with screenings at next summer’s hottest music and dance festivals, which will jumpstart the wider release of the film coming to a city near you (with interactive video spots, live DJ remixes of the film with alternative live endings). Ultimately you are all The Hooping Life, so let us know you are out there. We will associate as many communities as possible with the release, make the screenings participatory events with workshops, jams, hoop sales, and performances. This has already proven to be an extremely successful approach. At the film festivals the local hoop communities left no bodies un-hooped, and our screenings were packed as a result. International hoopers around the world, please let us know about your communities and how we can work together too.”

If financial sponsorship is the key to getting the film out there, what do you guys need? “Well, there can be corporate sponsors as well as individual sponsors, or art patrons. For business, talk it up at work, explain how your company can be associated with the birth of a cultural trend and a next generation movie release. You can also reach out to our fellow patrons of the arts to sustain participatory cinema, to back one of the most inclusive art forms, to take art out of the gated enclaves and into the streets, parks, backyards, night clubs and schoolyards. Do you know someone who has always wanted to be an Executive Producer? Well now is their chance!”

Can hoopers help somehow that don’t have those kinds of connections too? She answered, “Absolutely. Actually anyone that has expertise in marketing, fundraising, web programming, or event promotion or any skill that you think might be helpful and would like to join our team, helping to bring the first film about the hooping revolution out with great fanfare, should be in touch. We are at the tipping point. Let’s tip it together!”

And lastly, a lot of people are always asking about when they can get the DVD. When can we expect to be able to buy one? She responded, “We won’t know the answer to that question for awhile. The Hooping Life is at the beginning of a film’s life cycle, and that’s the time for film festivals and seeking distribution. Our goal is to see the film on the big screen, which is the hope of everyone who makes a movie, while DVDs are something that happens at the end of the cycle. There will most definitely be a DVD, but we don’t know when that will happen and only time will tell.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community? “Everything you can do to support the film online ultimately helps us demonstrate that there is a community that wants to see this film. So please join our Facebook fan club, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, be a part of our Group & sign up for our mailing list @ TheHoopingLIfe.Com and please get your friends to do the same. We look forward to hearing from you and you can reach us at

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  1. I’m out here enjoying the hooping life, hope to retire soon and enjoy it even more. I can’t wait to see the film and hoping you’ll get to New Jersey/New York area soon! I’m off to join your mailing list. Thanks, and thank you, Philo!

  2. I hope to get a chance to see The Hooping Life in Seward, Alaska! I know it is a small town, but there are ton of people whom love to hoop here! Or maybe Anchorage, though it is two hours away, I know there is even an Alaskan fire hooping troupe there!

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