Hula Hoop Naked and Lose Weight

Claire French and Lisa Riley Claire French is in The Daily News. The 22-stone dancer who was mistaken for tubby TV star Lisa Riley halved her bulk by hula-hooping naked. A barman asked her if she was the actress who starred in ITV’s “Emmerdale” and “You’ve Been Framed”. The blunder spurred her to lose weight and she discovered a passion for hooping. Claire explained, “It was really upsetting being mistaken for Lisa Riley. I thought: ‘But she’s massive.’ I wanted to cry. After my weight loss, being so big I had massive folds of skin hanging off me. It wasn’t very nice. Hula-hooping allowed me to tone up fast and keep the weight off because I love it and it’s fun. You really lose inches off your waist. I first got naked a couple of years ago. There were a bunch of friends over at the house and we were all just hanging out and having a good time. There were about 20 people over and it was sort of a dare – ‘I bet you won’t get naked’ – so I did and put on a hoop show. I’d have never done that before. My body is still not perfect but I’m very happy with it, and that’s largely thanks to hula-hooping.” Full story: Daily Star.

Frenchy also appears in The Daily Mail wearing only strategically placed items. Article includes a before pic of her as well.

3 thoughts on “Hula Hoop Naked and Lose Weight

  1. I think this is a great thing that she lost a lot of weight from hooping, the only thing I really just do not understand is why she had to be naked. Does everything have to be sexualized, the beauty of hoop dancing is being sexy and seductive, there is know need to be naked. I am open minded, but was raised with morals, women do not like to be subjected and treated like objects thats why I do not understand why they present themselves like an object. Then the rest get clumped in with them. 😀

  2. There are two ways to look at this story: thinking that hooping has become sexualized by hooping naked, or feeling the oneness and pure meditative state that the hoop provides to you, when you are naked. I honestly love hooping naked, I am more able to perceive the rhythm of the hoop, and feel its energy more completely around my body. But then I also only hoop naked in my fenced in backyard alone. But I wouldn’t mind hooping naked with a group of people. I think in this case, hooping has made this woman more comfortable in her own skin, and being able to fully embrace oneself in their entirety (completely naked) and express oneself through hoop dance is a really beautiful thing. As a society we have labeled nakedness as taboo and dirty, when in all actuality to me it is an incredible, embracing, and inspiring thing.

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