Huffington Post Readers Gotta Hoop

Gotta Hoop( welcomes readers from The Huffington Post today. What is hooping? How do you do it? It’s easy, anybody can with an adult-sized hoop. Make your own or get one from our advertisers. Learn more and find others near you in our forums.)

The Huffington Post reports, “Philo Hagen is the leader of a dance revolution. The hula hooping master took over the streets of downtown Los Angeles for a one-man dance party (plus a few cameos from friends) in the video Gotta Hoop.” It’s not actually that hard to take over downtown LA after dark — the place turns into a ghost town compared to most major cities. This leads to great reactions from bystanders, as Hagen gets down (and sheds clothing) where just glimpsing another person can be a rare sight. And Hagen is certainly a rare sight. The founder of was profiled this weekend in the New York Times, which noted that “the YouTube video remains something of a Web sleeper, which makes little sense because now more than ever what the world needs is a six-minute film of a desk-bound office drone escaping confinement for the seedy nighttime streets of Los Angeles.” Yes, it’s about time. And as Hagen tells the paper, “It’s about freedom.” Set to a catchy tune called ‘Gotta Do’ by Quentin Harris, both the music and the action build slowly until viewers are won over. The same could eventually be said for the video’s success on YouTube.” Huffington Post

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