Hoop Practice Principles With Hoopalicious

VIDEO OF THE DAY: On Winter Solstice we’re happy to be bringing you some light in this excellent piece on “Hoop Practice Principles” with Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of HoopRevolution.com. Anah, the mother of the modern hoopdance movement, shares her thoughts on hooping, mentoring, flow and a whole lot more. She lives in Los Angeles, California, and you can also find her co-moderating our Beginner Central forum, as well as in The Hooping Life documentary. Video by Jaguar Mary of Sacred Circularities. Soundtrack: “Count to Ten” by Tina Dico (on iTunes).

12 thoughts on “Hoop Practice Principles With Hoopalicious

  1. That was awesome! Anah, your energy is so beautiful and inspirational. I especially loved what you had to say about bodyrocking—I absolutely love the feel of the hoop on my body and I am glad it is not something I will need to move away from to progress. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. Thank you so much for this. Especially for talking about Body Rockers (!!!), because ultimately that’s what I love about hooping. I’ve been feeling discouraged because I really struggle with isopops and the like, which makes me feel like I’m never going to master that next ‘step’ of my hoop journey. Your words helped me realize that there are many steps I can take, but even more than that– I now remember that I should love and appreciate my current place on the path for what it is and not focus all of my energy on what comes next. You’re beautiful, and thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  3. thank you for helping me to stay on my true path. I totally LOVE my heavy 42″ hoop and my new heavier fire/led hoop. your beautiful energy always makes me smile your vids are so inspiring

  4. Thanks for clarifying that I do what I feel and not what I see. Nothing its wrong or perfect, just right per feelings, experience and emotions. I’m driven by the hoop
    The Hula Hoop Project

  5. my brain just sparked when i listend to this!! i love you anah we will cross paths soon enough!! cant wait to body rock it!! i really like the way you explained the cells in our body having those thinking cells….makes so much sense…wow

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