Gnatrociously Badu-istic Tweets

So you decide to make a hooping video and you put on a track by Erykah Badu, like “Love” for example, cause we all know that Erykah’s got it going on. You post it on YouTube. Life is good. And if you’re Natallie “Gnatrocious” Brooks it gets even better when Ms. Badu herself tweets that she loves your video. Actually what she said was “LOVE” with the video link in tweet one, and “LOVE IT!” to Gnatrocious in the course of two tweets. “People of all ages & body types suddenly started writing me telling me they started hooping or wondering how to get a hoop. Right when I needed a sign and after months of trying to share my joy with everyone I know, Badu shares it with thousands.” And we’re sharing it with all of you. You can follow Erykah Badu, Gnatrocious and on Twitter.

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