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Hoopy New Year From!

Hoopy New Year! We did it! We not only survived 2010, but I must say that we’re rolling into 2011 looking pretty gosh darn fabulous! You look fantastic! And it’s a weekend that calls for celebrating ourselves, our lives – and our hoops. Not only did they bring fun, fitness and fellowship to us throughout 2010, but they keep right on delivering more with a never ending supply. Throughout the past year we lost weight, got in better shape, made new friends, found community, rediscovered ourselves, learned to play again, cured ailments and more, we found our flow and found deeper flow, we learned new moves we never thought we’d be able to figure out, and all of this thanks to a colorful plastic ring. It’s been an amazing year for hooping and for our community and we wish everyone the happiest and hoopiest of holidays.

Here at, 2010 was a great year as well. When confronted with a major tech problem in the Spring, we relaunched in the Summer with a fresh new look and a brand new top-notch community system that has allowed us to remain the only fully hooper-owned and -operated space for hoopers online. And with 2,500+ members again and growing, the debut of brand new columnists (with more to come) and a parade of site traffic that has never been higher, it’s nice to know we, as a community, are making it happen. If you’d like to get involved on a deeper level in 2011 writing or moderating or organizing or cheerleading or you have some other idea, let us know. is our home, making it happen for hoopers since 2003. And stay tuned for 2011 when our columnists return from their holiday vacation with delicious new reads for a new year – and the big annual hoopla madness that we like to call the Hoopie Awards returns for our fourth annual season. Hoopy New Year everyone! Be safe and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Philo Hagen, Editor

St. Louis Hoop Club Spins Up New Years Eve

St. Louis Hoop Club In Columbia, Missouri, hula-hoopers, fire-spinners, a juggler and more are set to give audiences a view into the world of alternative fitness at the First Night celebration tonight. The event kicks off at 4pm with a 5K Run/Walk with an array of festivities to follow. Jane Accurso, technical and entertainment director of First Night, told the Missourian, “I think hula hooping is so fun. I’ve been wanting to get hula-hoopers for about three years now; I just couldn’t find an organized troupe. We have great hoopers around here but when I talked to them, they said they weren’t ready to do a performance. I did research and found the St. Louis Hoop Club.” Michelle Schaeffer, who formed the the club in 2008, started hooping about two years ago. Schaeffer said, “I thought it was just the most amazing thing, and I had to learn how to do it. [Hooping} is amazing for people of all ages and just makes people feel good.” It will be the first year the club will perform at Columbia’s First Night.

Hula Hoop Naked and Lose Weight

Claire French and Lisa Riley Claire French is in The Daily News. The 22-stone dancer who was mistaken for tubby TV star Lisa Riley halved her bulk by hula-hooping naked. A barman asked her if she was the actress who starred in ITV’s “Emmerdale” and “You’ve Been Framed”. The blunder spurred her to lose weight and she discovered a passion for hooping. Claire explained, “It was really upsetting being mistaken for Lisa Riley. I thought: ‘But she’s massive.’ I wanted to cry. After my weight loss, being so big I had massive folds of skin hanging off me. It wasn’t very nice. Hula-hooping allowed me to tone up fast and keep the weight off because I love it and it’s fun. You really lose inches off your waist. I first got naked a couple of years ago. There were a bunch of friends over at the house and we were all just hanging out and having a good time. There were about 20 people over and it was sort of a dare – ‘I bet you won’t get naked’ – so I did and put on a hoop show. I’d have never done that before. My body is still not perfect but I’m very happy with it, and that’s largely thanks to hula-hooping.” Full story: Daily Star.

Frenchy also appears in The Daily Mail wearing only strategically placed items. Article includes a before pic of her as well.


Jolie “Starcrunch” Day is awesome, so much so that even though the video runs out in the middle we still had to share it with you. She lives in Carrboro, North Carolina. Soundtrack: “Dark Sky Demo” by Themselves (on iTunes).

Hula Hooping in the United Arab Emirates

MosqueraThe Friday magazine of Gulf News, the online version of the United Arab Emirates based newspaper Gulf News, visited the Exhale fitness center to learn how hula hoops are making a comeback as a way to keep in shape and stay stress free. Hula Hoop fitness instructor Liris Mosquera was interviewed recently, talking about how hula hooping is making a comeback and how it is a fun way to get fit and relieve stress. Mosquera was born and raised in Colombia and moved to Dubai, UAE, four years ago. You can watch the video here.