Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hoopy New Year From!

We did it! We not only survived 2010, but I must say that we’re rolling into 2011 looking pretty gosh darn fabulous! You look fantastic! And it’s a weekend that calls for celebrating ourselves, our lives – and our hoops.…

New Year Night Lights

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kelsey Sunburst Rose of Hula Hoop Lincoln lights up the night for a new year. Soundtrack: “Lullabyte” by Mimosa. Filmed by Craig Schuster and Joseph Branco, Edited by Joseph Branco.

Hula Hoop Naked and Lose Weight

Claire French is in The Daily News. The 22-stone dancer who was mistaken for tubby TV star Lisa Riley halved her bulk by hula-hooping naked. A barman asked her if she was the actress who starred in ITV’s “Emmerdale” and…

$Bags: Hoola Hoop

$Bags, ocassionally referred to as Dollar Sign Bags, has released his first music video and it’s for his new single “Hoola Hoop.” Presented by Like Water Entertainment. Video by Winterland Pictures. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.