Those Really Amazing Incredible Hoopers

Brooklyn Juggler Hoopers can do so many amazing things. For starters, we can hoop, which is really amazing and incredible, but why stop there when we have other talents to share with the world!

Josh can stand on a balance board and juggle while hooping: The Tri-Plex

Richie in New Zealand plays the guitar while knee hooping: Kneetar

• Bri, who lives in the United States, not only can play a mean tin whistle, she can sing: MNA Talent Show

Gal Vanized performs stand-up comedy while hooping at Sipology in Downtown Long Beach, California: Gal Vanized

• And last, but not least, Kyle Petersen in Brooklyn, New York, can hoop while spinning a basketball with one hand and juggling with the other: Hoop, Spin and Juggle

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