Nurse Uses Hula Hoops To Treat Childhood PTSD

Denise Kesti Ewing Daily Tidings in Ashland, Oregon, reports, “Hula hoops bring laughter and help trim the tummy, but an Ashland pediatric nurse has found a new use for them: healing post traumatic stress disorder in abused children. Denise Kesti Ewing says trauma makes children (and adults, too) disconnect from their bodies and feelings. Hooping, with its fun, perpetual rhythm, gets them back in their body, where they begin feeling their emotions again and healing them. A survivor of childhood trauma herself, Ewing last June discovered hooping while in therapy for PTSD. She bought one from a street vendor and secluded herself in her garage for hours to learn it. The process brought up and helped her heal childhood memories of abuse and “dissociative” (distracting, repetitive) behaviors used as a defense.” She explains, “Three hours later I had a steady spin. The sensation was amazing, euphoric and familiar, like finally coming home. In the hoop, in my physical body, I could experience the integration of my childhood friend.” Full story: Daily Tidings: Hooping and Healing

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