Matthew Morrison Hoops With Glee

Matt Morrison Hula HoopingChord Overstreet, who plays Sam Evans on Glee (he’s the new blonde guy that has been climbing the social ladder this season), tweeted up a photo of Glee Club instructor Matthew Morrison hula hooping it up on the set. Chord tweeted, “Matt morrison taking us all to school with his hula hoop skills. Always teaching us.” And along with the tweet he posted this photo. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the hoopenings backstage on the set of Glee either, although last time it was Kevin McHale who plays wheelchair bound Artie Abrams (Post with McHale hooping on video as well over here). Given that we can officially say that hooping is starting to sweep it’s way through the cast of Glee, might we be seeing a hula hoop number on the show at some point? We certainly hope so! In the meantime, if you tweet you can follow us on Twitter.

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