Gotta Hoop

VIDEO OF THE DAY: “Gotta Hoop” – a short film by’s Philo Hagen, is also his very first hooping video, having remained primarily behind the scenes shining the spotlight on the community. The video was filmed at night on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Soundtrack: “Gotta Do” by Quentin Harris (on iTunes).

37 thoughts on “Gotta Hoop

  1. What an amazing short!!! I OFTEN find myself hooping in public like this… the reactions are awesome and sometimes wonderful and keeps me doing it!!! lol My man’s got flow, too!!! I like that he is traveling πŸ˜‰ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Keep spreadin’ that HoOp LOve <3

  2. Yes Yes Yes! I love high quality, well thought out, inspiring, beautiful, flow-tastic videos like this. What a beautiful video. And that pizza toss?!?!?! I have only seen one other video of you hooping Philo, we would love to see more!

  3. Hope you don’t mind but I sent this out to everyone in my email because I’m tired of reading “where’ve you been, haven’t heard from you in ages, did you move away, are you still among the living, what happened to you, haven’t seen you around, and the classic, did you fall off the face of the earth?”

    Now they know……….. !

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