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5K Hoopers

5K Hoopers

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Kathy Noah and two students from hoop class, Heather and Meg, ran/walked while hooping the Niles Buchanan YMCA Thanksgiving Day 5K in Niles, Michigan. So how did it go? Kathy said, “It was lots of fun and we got a lot of encouragement from the crowd.  We only dropped our hoops a few times!”

Tacoma Fitness Twist Gets People Hooping

Tacoma Fitness ClassIn Washington State, the Tacoma News Tribune writes, “Let’s face it – the treadmill isn’t the most fascinating thing to do for an hour of your life. Working out is necessary, but the gym routine can easily get boring. Experts tell us that challenging our bodies and brains with new things is the way to keep them in top shape.” So the News Tribune sent a fitness expert (Kristyn) and an ordinary participant (Rosemary) to check out three unusual fitness options around town: hula hooping, pole dancing and beginner ballet. They go to a class taught by DeAnna Riley of Humble Creations. What did they think of hooping? Kristyn says: “Cardio: It’s interval training, especially if you get it going. Core and back strength: absolutely. There’s a lot of back flexibility work, and I love that it’s so postural, using Pilates concepts. It’s a great stress reliever.” Rosemary says: “Having a good hoop and a good teacher helps you get the hoop moving, and helps break down the tricks so you can practice them. It’s a fun thing to do with your kids, and very portable. And it does get your heart rate up.” Full story: Tacoma News Tribune

The Super Hooper

Jon Nutting made this comedic video that follows one hooper’s epic journey, after only 2 days of hooping lessons. “This here lovely lady has gone from lower-case hooper to upper-case HOOPER with an additional SUPER!” Enjoy!

Those Really Amazing Incredible Hoopers

Brooklyn Juggler Hoopers can do so many amazing things. For starters, we can hoop, which is really amazing and incredible, but why stop there when we have other talents to share with the world!

Josh can stand on a balance board and juggle while hooping: The Tri-Plex

Richie in New Zealand plays the guitar while knee hooping: Kneetar

• Bri, who lives in the United States, not only can play a mean tin whistle, she can sing: MNA Talent Show

Gal Vanized performs stand-up comedy while hooping at Sipology in Downtown Long Beach, California: Gal Vanized

• And last, but not least, Kyle Petersen in Brooklyn, New York, can hoop while spinning a basketball with one hand and juggling with the other: Hoop, Spin and Juggle

Battle of the Blades Hula Hoops It Up

On the season finale of Battle Of The Blades 2, a Canadian television program, Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack bring some hoop dance into their ice dance performance. The figure skating reality television show resembles “Dancing with the Stars” and is similar in concept to “Dancing On Ice” from the UK, except in this case the show brings two very different styles of skaters together to perform a pairs skating routine. A number of former National Hockey League players are paired with prominent female figure skaters to perform routines, only here Afanasieva is performing with her husband and they’re the Extreme Ice Skating World Champions. The show is hosted by “Hockey Night in Canada’s” Ron MacLean and four-time World Figure Skating Champion Kurt Browning.

Matthew Morrison Hoops With Glee

Matt Morrison Hula HoopingChord Overstreet, who plays Sam Evans on Glee (he’s the new blonde guy that has been climbing the social ladder this season), tweeted up a photo of Glee Club instructor Matthew Morrison hula hooping it up on the set. Chord tweeted, “Matt morrison taking us all to school with his hula hoop skills. Always teaching us.” And along with the tweet he posted this photo. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the hoopenings backstage on the set of Glee either, although last time it was Kevin McHale who plays wheelchair bound Artie Abrams (Post with McHale hooping on video as well over here). Given that we can officially say that hooping is starting to sweep it’s way through the cast of Glee, might we be seeing a hula hoop number on the show at some point? We certainly hope so! In the meantime, if you tweet you can follow us on Twitter.