Month: November 2010

5K Hoopers

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Kathy Noah and two students from hoop class, Heather and Meg, ran/walked while hooping the Niles Buchanan YMCA Thanksgiving Day 5K in Niles, Michigan. So how did it go? Kathy said, “It was lots of fun…

Stakatto Blue

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A beautiful video with Stakatto Blue that takes us to numerous places, even fire hooping in the snow. You can find her website here. She’s based in Glasgow, Scotland. Soundtrack: “Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head!”…

The Super Hooper

Jon Nutting made this comedic video that follows one hooper’s epic journey, after only 2 days of hooping lessons. “This here lovely lady has gone from lower-case hooper to upper-case HOOPER with an additional SUPER!” Enjoy!

Battle of the Blades Hula Hoops It Up

On the season finale of Battle Of The Blades 2, a Canadian television program, Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack bring some hoop dance into their ice dance performance. The figure skating reality television show resembles “Dancing with the Stars” and…

Julia Hartsell

Julia “Jewels” Hartsell of Hoop Drum spinning in her white dress with her hoop at her Union Ceremony. Congratulations Jewels and Scott! They live in Carrboro, North Carolina. Photo by Suzanne Masse.