Hoop Tutorials: Exploring Outer Space

In this tutorial Ann Humphreys of The Hoop Path shares her latest discoveries about playing in the “outer” or “negative” space created by the hoop. Ann will be teaching “Technique as Meditation” at the Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat in Bali. Soundtrack: “Standing Ngoma” by James Asher (on iTunes).

2 thoughts on “Hoop Tutorials: Exploring Outer Space

  1. I have had the pleasure of attending Hoop Path DC and seeing Baxter, Beth and Ann hooping and sharing their knowledge. I also saw Ann at WHD DC and appreciate this insightful and graceful lesson on “outer space.” Can’t wait to play in “outer space.” I look forward to learning more from Ann in the future.

  2. I recently have been exploring this “outer space” or “negative space” not in the same way as Ann however. It is probably no surprise but I love to reverse the hoop and this space is the place where the reversal takes place. The opportunity for us to play with all dimensions at a deeper level presents itself using these terms I feel xxxx Love to you Ann xxxx

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