Monthly Archives: October 2010

Ghouls Gone Wild

Trecia Franklin is one devil of a fire hooper in the Ghouls Gone Wild parade in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Ghouls Gone Wild

Katrina is rather frightening with her dualing hoops! The Wicked Party

Zombies are hooping in Denver, Colorado – and they might look a little familiar, like maybe Nick Guzzardo may actually be one of the undead: Denver Zombie Crawl

And finally, it’s chilling and thrilling for Grace from The Hip Fit, particularly because she made an LED hoop with the help of a friend: Thriller Night


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rach Robinson brings light to a rather dark, abandoned and quite possibly haunted location in Aberdeen, Scotland. Video by Matthew Robinson.

Liz Campanella Likes Playing With Fire

Liz Campanella With Fire HoopThe Chicago Sun-Times reports, “Dr. Frankenstein’s famously flame-adverse monster would have benefitted from Liz Campanella’s fire-dancing lessons. The lug-bolted lug was mortified by fire, and rightly so. Fire is scary. Fire is dangerous. Fire is, in short, bad. But not always. A few months with Campanella (pictured) and he may well have changed his tune. In her world, fire good. Very good. She plays with it for a living using specially made poi … staffs, torches, hula-hoops and metal fans. … Flames roar ominously as they whoosh through the air. “I have a very healthy relationship and respect for fire,” the ebullient and energetic Campanella, 30, said in the second-story Humboldt Park walk-up she shares with her husband (and fellow fire dancer) of three years, Devin Breen, another roommate and two cats named Solstice and Bones.” Full story:
Chicago Sun Times

Cemetery Hooping

With Halloween approaching, Nicole Haley takes her hoop to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, Massachusetts. She’s a newbie – just started hooping in August. Soundtrack: “Dreamscape” by 009 Sound System (on iTunes).