Month: October 2010

Hyper Halloween Blue

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jennifer “Hyper Hooper” Snelgrove is blue for halloween, and she gets some assistance from the wolfman. She lives in Dahlonega, Georgia. Soundtrack: “Blue” by Eiffel 65.

Hoop Tutorials: Exploring Outer Space

In this tutorial Ann Humphreys of The Hoop Path shares her latest discoveries about playing in the “outer” or “negative” space created by the hoop. Ann will be teaching “Technique as Meditation” at the Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance Retreat in…

Ghouls Gone Wild

Trecia Franklin is one devil of a fire hooper in the Ghouls Gone Wild parade in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Ghouls Gone Wild Katrina is rather frightening with her dualing hoops! The Wicked Party Zombies are hooping in Denver, Colorado –…

Boomtown Hoop Troupe

PHOTO OF THE DAY: JoBeth Perdew, Misty Barron, Angel Benner, Stephanie Connell, Ashley Britner and Porter Schiavone Kobernik of the Boomtown Hoop Troupe bring a little Halloween with glowing masks and glowing hoops. From this photo set by Ken Morrill.


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rach Robinson brings light to a rather dark, abandoned and quite possibly haunted location in Aberdeen, Scotland. Video by Matthew Robinson.

Liz Campanella Likes Playing With Fire

The Chicago Sun-Times reports, “Dr. Frankenstein’s famously flame-adverse monster would have benefitted from Liz Campanella’s fire-dancing lessons. The lug-bolted lug was mortified by fire, and rightly so. Fire is scary. Fire is dangerous. Fire is, in short, bad. But not…

Cemetery Hooping

With Halloween approaching, Nicole Haley takes her hoop to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Watertown, Massachusetts. She’s a newbie – just started hooping in August. Soundtrack: “Dreamscape” by 009 Sound System (on iTunes).

Shpongled Hoops

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mona Qaddoumi, co-moderator of’s Hooping Videos group and forum, has released a new “Schpongled Hoops” promo. She lives in Portland, Oregon.