World Hoop Day Dance

Have you gotten your choreography down for World Hoop Day yet? Do you not know what we’re even talking about? Awhile back in our community forums someone had a vision. Tink in Tokyo of imagined what it would be like to have hoopers around the globe not just hooping on a single day, but saw them doing a synchronized dance – and at the end of it all there would be a video edited from all the World Hoop Day dances done around the world. And World Hoop Day Choreography was born.

Building a routine around the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz (on iTunes), what has been culminating over the last few months has resulted in the full choreography video above. Tink said, “I’ve kept the dance steps bold and simple so they look great when there are lots of people doing them in a group. They are mostly off-body tricks with smooth transitions and there are lots of ‘catch up points’ in case you misspin or lose the beat. All of the moves can be learned in about an hour.” So the plan is learn this dance and dance it with your hoop group on World Hoop Day, October 10th, 2010. Film it, put the video online somewhere, get the link to Tink, and after WHD a global video compilation will be put together featuring hoopers from everywhere. Time to get hoop dancing!

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