The Heart of Hoop Dance

Goddess Hoop Dance Jodi Flesberg Lilly of Goddess Hoop Dance writes, “One of the things I love most about hoop dance is that despite what is or isn’t happening in the rest of my life, I can always take my heart into the hoop with me and dance through anything I am feeling. Sometimes what I am feeling is too beautiful for words, other times my feelings are simply unspeakable. The hoop can take anything I throw at it–anger, joy, bewilderment, loss – it just pulls it all up into its vortex and transmutes it into life-force energy that makes the dance all the juicier. … Last July, when I visited the churchyard in Wisconsin next to the cemetery where my dad and so many family members are buried I was brimming with emotion – things I have no words to express… those words do not exist in my language… they are heart words. So I took them to the hoop and was able to miraculously capture what I felt on video. I could have hooped all day and not gotten it all out. When I watch the video now, I feel what I was feeling as though I was, once again, right there on that sunny morning dancing on the lawn next to the cornfield.” She lives in San Ramon, California. Full post: Goddess Hoop Dance and watch the video below:

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