Judith Tingley is a Hoopmainiac

Judith TingleyIn Belfast, Maine, WABI TV turns the spotlight on Judith “The Hoopmainiac” Tingley of HoopMainiac.com: “Many of us have fond memories of using a hula hoop as a child. Now, this favorite past time is making a comeback…as an exercise regime. “If you look at these people, they are just smiling and laughing and having a ball and that’s what hooping is all about.” Meet Judith Tingley, otherwise known as The Hoopmainiac. She brings her rings to schools, businesses and other organizations to teach folks how to twist and turn their way to good health. “It’s really good for your bones because it’s a weight bearing exercise,” says Tingley. “It’s good for your lungs because the exercise helps to open them up. It burns calories, better than a stair stepper or a treadmill. And it’s joyous, so people with depression actually feel better.” Full story with video: WABI TV

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  1. Judith, I brought my hoop to work with me after purchasing it at Mt. View last Sunday and all the girls loved it and would like to have you come by our office so they learn about them and buy them. Tuesdays at lunch time seems to be a day they like, but whatever you have for time will be fine. There will be about 7 to 10 of us here. Call me at work at 338-1518 or my cell 322-5889 Thanks so much!! Coleen Putnam

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