Hula Hell Is Miss Saturn?

Hula Hell Is Miss Saturn?Hula Hell Is Miss Saturn? is the title of Jennifer “Miss Saturn” McGowan’s new show which premiered recently at the Clown Festival in New York City. The title, which is supposed to sound like “Who In The Hell Is Miss Saturn?” ultimately answers that question. Karen Tortora Lee at The Happiest Medium writes, “When all those hoops are whizzing, whirling, spinning and swirling – it’s a thing of beauty. This is one gal who has perfected the art – and her gravitational pull is so strong that she has these rings doing things I didn’t think were possible. Which is not to say I’m only asking for serious hooping here – when she did a bit that involved spinning madly while an audience member chased her around adding more and more hoops to the dozens she was already spinning on her body I was laughing so hard that I actually had blurry vision.” Over at they too clearly love Miss Saturn, though they weren’t as in love with the show overall. Final performance tonight at 9pm at the New York Clown Theatre Festival. You can get your tickets here.

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