Create Your Own Hooping Space

Lissa AngelineLissa Angeline writes, “When I first moved in, it was recommended that I place my sofa parallel to the far wall of my living room, effectively partitioning the space and creating a distinct ‘living room’ area. It looked nice, but it reduced my living room to being a place where I sat and watched TV or knit, because there wasn’t really room to do anything else. Like hoop.” … And when a carnival music festival on the radio inspired her to spin it out she began to tear it up – “Untill I ran into the sofa. And the wall. And a cat or two. And my computer desk. Aggravated, I dropped my hoop and studied the living room for a second. And then I had had it. Before you could say “No! It creates a room division where there wasn’t one!” I had the sofa against the wall, the end table by my computer desk, and I was throwing down in the middle of my suddenly enormous dance space, grooving and sweating and loving every minute of it. Apparently I need my own dance space if I want to live.” She lives in Hurst, Texas. Full post: Swampwater Debutante

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