Beats Antique: Blind Threshold

Beats Antique: Blind Threshold Beats Antique, the Oakland, California, based electronic/world music trio that have released some of the top hooping soundtrack songs to date, have released their third album entitled Blind Threshold. Zoe Jakes, David Satori and Sidecar Tommy weren’t content to sit back and simply do more of the same here, continuing to push their boundaries all over again. The new record is rich with contributions from various performers as well. The closing song, “Miss Levine” is a haunting tribute to the band’s friend Breanna Levine who unexpectedly passed away a few months ago. We’ve added the opening track entitled “Egyptic” to the hoop sounds ipod and you can check out the rest of the album and download all the deliciousness for your very own on iTunes by clicking here.

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