365 Days of Play: The Hula Hoop

RoseRose has embarked on a year long adventure of playful activities. She will be turning 30 within a year and her goal in undertaking 365 days of playful adventures was to ensure that she will be laughing her way into the next decade of her life. Recently her roommate helped her out by getting her into a hoop. She writes, “Who knew that Hula Hooping was so fun! Our roommate brought a Hula Hoop home the other night and I decided to snag it for a quick attempt at hula hooping. I have always wanted to be that girl that could hula hoop for minutes on end, it looks so easy. My first attempt lasted for about 2 seconds. Lucky for me when April videotaped me I was at my peak and lasted a whole 15 seconds. Don’t ask me what I was doing with my arms, it just happened. My arm movements make me a little nervous for my future dance video, I am sure it will be hilarious.” Rose lives in Denver, Colorado, where she could disarm those nerves with a little class from Firefly Hoops. You can watch her video here: 365 Days of Play

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