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Judith Tingley is a Hoopmainiac

Judith TingleyIn Belfast, Maine, WABI TV turns the spotlight on Judith “The Hoopmainiac” Tingley of “Many of us have fond memories of using a hula hoop as a child. Now, this favorite past time is making a comeback…as an exercise regime. “If you look at these people, they are just smiling and laughing and having a ball and that’s what hooping is all about.” Meet Judith Tingley, otherwise known as The Hoopmainiac. She brings her rings to schools, businesses and other organizations to teach folks how to twist and turn their way to good health. “It’s really good for your bones because it’s a weight bearing exercise,” says Tingley. “It’s good for your lungs because the exercise helps to open them up. It burns calories, better than a stair stepper or a treadmill. And it’s joyous, so people with depression actually feel better.” Full story with video: WABI TV

Joan Kagan Goes Through Hoops for Healthy Families

Joan KaganJoan Kagan, President and CEO of Square One, is an administrator who goes through hoops to improve the health and well-being of the community, both literally and figuratively, which is why BusinessWest is sharing her story. “A hula hoop parked against the wall just inside the door to her office at Square One. She became reacquainted with the popular toy in the past few years, a half-century or so after her parents presented her with her first one while the family was vacationing on Cape Cod. Now, as back in the late ’50s, Kagan is quite proficient at this activity, so much so that she has to tone things down a little when getting into informal competition with people a fraction of her age. “I’ve always been good at it,” she said. “Even now, if I’m at a kids’ party and there’s a hula hoop contest, I always enter it. I usually throw it at the end, because it’s not very nice to beat out a 10-year-old who’s hoping to win a prize.”

How To Make an LED Hoop

How To Make an LED Hoop Brookelynn Morris explains how to make an LED hoop over at Make Projects. She writes, “LED hula hoops are so beautiful to watch, and creating a custom hoop is a satisfying challenge. Twenty-one LEDs are used in this hoop; 6 are flashing LEDs that cycle through the colors of the rainbow. Each light is combined with a resistor and then wired together in a classic and simple parallel circuit. Be sure to research each part and its specs when creating the circuit design. Each LED for this project was chosen for its similar voltage drop, making things simpler by requiring only one value of resistor. The battery for this project can be a laptop battery like the one used here, or a few AAA batteries taped into series. Either way, the tube can be taken apart for the battery to be easily changed. Experimentation and thoughtful research will make this project successful.” Full details and more: Make