Natural Awakenings Hoops It Up For Health

Natural Awakenings: August 2010 Natural Awakenings Magazine has a two page spread on hooping this month that speaks to Betty Shurin of Betty Hoops, Amy Goldstein of The Hooping Life, Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, Lynn Spencer-Nelson of IndyHoopers – and yours truly here at “Hula hooping is not exclusive to women. Philo Hagen, editor of Los Angeles-based, discovered the updated phenomenon at a party and says it immediately helped him quiet the chatter in his head. “I just felt like I was connecting with the music and my body, and wound up hooping for hours.” Hagen soon realized how hooping was also helping him “accidentally get in shape.” At heart, he felt he was becoming more centered in both body and mind.” Full Story here, or view it as it was originally presented. We’re on pages 26 and 27 here: Natural Awakenings

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  1. It was such a delight to interview Leandra Harrison and write “Inside Leandra Harrison’s Hoop” which is published in the Collier/Lee County edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine September issue. Please indulge and read!

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