Las Vegas Drops Hula Hoop Ban Plan

Las Vegas Hula Hoop ProtestThe Las Vegas City Council decided not to consider a proposed new ordinance that would have banned hula hooping on the Fremont Street Experience, among other things. City leaders announced that they would meet with the American Civil Liberties Union, which had taken up the cause not just because the ordinance would have banned hula hoops, but rather that the overall proposal had serious issues related to free speech. The news didn’t stop a protest rally organized by Hoopnotica against the ban from hoopening anyway. Demonstrators hooped outside of City Hall, some holding protest signs against the ban. “Given all things legal in Vegas, the abolition of hula hooping is absolutely indecent,” said Hoopnotica CEO, Gabriella Redding. “What’s next? A ban of hopscotch on public sidewalks?” Fox 5 News reported on the protest, although reporter Lauren Murphy was almost too busy hooping herself. Video here.

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