Hula Hooping Cactus and More

Hula Hooping Cactus • Have you ever seen a cactus hula hoop? Artist Robert Bata has created a piece called “Move It!” that is essentially just that. Its in the “Ceci n’est pas un casino!” exhibition at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum for contemporary art. Hula Hooping Cactus

• And then there is this guy who is warning the world that parks are no longer safe thanks to the “hula hula elite conspiracy.” Apparently we’re zapping people into other dimensions: Hula Danger

• Speaking of other dimensions and other times, sometimes the machines just want to hoop with us. A most excellent photo: GE Robot with Hula Hoop

• This charming article is about beautifying kid’s hula hoops with fabric. We think that if you’re feeling crafty you could still do the same to yours, regardless of it’s size: One Charming Party

• And finally, it’s not everyday you see someone hooping on top of Mt. Fiji. Here we find Tomomi giving it a spin on top of Japan’s highest mountain (3710m). She lives in Sapporo, Japan. Hooping at the top of Mt. Fiji

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