Month: August 2010

Lizz Sparkle

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lizz Sparkle of Liquid Hoop spins it up in Tampa, Florida.

Mystic Myron in Montreal

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Mystic Myron hoops it up at the pre-screening hoop jam for The Hooping Life's Canadian premiere in Montreal, Quebec. Photo by Sara Hula. They both live in Ottawa, Ontario. In the background is's Philo Hagen and Alison Logue of Toronto.

Eugene Hoopers Take It To The Streets

The Oregon Daily Emerald reports, "Three Eugene hipsters trail down the alley-side apartment steps, scantily clad in a green romper, blue tank top and ruffled sundress. They have forgotten their shoes on purpose. The liberated young women spread themselves out on the sun-stricken cement, ready to spin to their iPod’s 'Hooping Playlist.' The hoopsters start…

Gertie is Obsessed With Hooping

Gertie is a home seamstress in Queens, New York, with a love of all things retro and she's recently become obsessed with hooping - and she's all about putting an old school spin on the newly spun revolution. She writes, "Trudy wrote about her love for 'hooping' a while back, and I was intrigued, to…

Associated Press: Hooping Is Hip Again

The Associated Press is letting America know "Hooping is Hip Again" with an article focusing on Stefanie Moser. Moser went to a wedding where the bride insisted that guests hoop and she's been spinning ever since. She made so many trips to the local hardware store for supplies to make her own hoops that the…

Happy One Year Hoopiversary

VIDEO OF THE DAY: It's officially one year since Amberlee "Amtron" Evans made her first hoop and hoop dancing has really had a positive impact on her. "I am very lucky to have found something that I really love. .. Thanks for not being too angry when I break your lamps and flower pots." Soundtrack:…

Forest Hooper

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Adrienne Lojeck of Outta This Whirld spins and centers in the forest. From this photo set by Heather Davis. Adrienne lives on Long Island in New York.

Hooping: The Meditative Workout

In Colorado, The Denver Post reports, "Peace, calm and relaxation come to people in different ways. Some find it in a Saturday morning pedicure; others find it with a can of beer and the Rockies; and a growing number of people are finding it while hooping. Anne Dellinger of FireFly Hoops told the press, "The…

A Combo Move

Sometimes it's not really about a specific move, but about how to bring a couple of moves together. Babz Robinson of Wild Girl Hoops teaches us one of her new favorite combo moves. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

The Hooping Life Spins Up Montreal

The Festival des Films du Monde, aka the Montreal World Film Festival, officially kicked off yesterday with a Gala Opening Bash that featured hoop performances, leaving festival attendees already abuzz about The Hooping Life. The hooping documentary will be having it's Canadian premiere screening this Saturday, August 28th, at 7:30pm, and we hope to see…