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Eugene Hoopers Take It To The Streets

The Oregon Daily Emerald reports, “Three Eugene hipsters trail down the alley-side apartment steps, scantily clad in a green romper, blue tank top and ruffled sundress. They have forgotten their shoes on purpose. The liberated young women spread themselves out on the sun-stricken cement, ready to spin to their iPod’s ‘Hooping Playlist.’ The hoopsters start to shift their weight back and forth as they whirl large hula-hoops around their waists. Within seconds, the hoops effortlessly whip around their arms, legs and necks as they proceed to groove, twist and swivel their bodies in a meditative boogie fest. University students Erin Howe, Sachi Kaneko, and Maddie Allen meet weekly in the alley of the Alder Street Apartments to practice their hooping skills. Over the past few years, ‘hooping’ has gone from childhood pastime to fitness trend. For some, it is now a way of life. ‘It can be addictive,’ Kaneko said.” Full story: Oregon Daily Emerald

Gertie is Obsessed With Hooping

Gertie Gertie is a home seamstress in Queens, New York, with a love of all things retro and she’s recently become obsessed with hooping – and she’s all about putting an old school spin on the newly spun revolution. She writes, “Trudy wrote about her love for ‘hooping’ a while back, and I was intrigued, to say the least. I kept thinking about it, so I recently took the plunge… The best part about the purchase was the mail room guy walking into my office holding my pink, glittery hula hoop (wrapped in a bit of clear plastic). Luckily, he seems to have a good sense of humor. I took it home, cleared away the coffee table, and proceeded to fail miserably at hula hooping for the next five minutes or so. But then, something magical happened: I was hooping! And it was fun! … Of course, the right outfit is everything at chez Gertie, and I’ll admit that in my hooping daydreams I’ve been planning the perfect outfit for my new retro fitness activity. I think that some sort of 50s-style romper should be involved, don’t you?” Full post: Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing

Associated Press: Hooping Is Hip Again

Stephanie Moser The Associated Press is letting America know “Hooping is Hip Again” with an article focusing on Stefanie Moser. Moser went to a wedding where the bride insisted that guests hoop and she’s been spinning ever since. She made so many trips to the local hardware store for supplies to make her own hoops that the workers there dubbed her “The Hoop Lady.” Now she leads a hoop jam of the Steel City Hoop Union every Tuesday night at a church-turned-community gathering place. “Once you enter through that plastic portal, you get kind of sucked in,” Moser explained. And while the article is incorrect about Las Vegas considering banning hula hoops (that is over), it’s a pretty nice read that’s been picked up all over the place from to the Seattle Times, from Palm Beach to Minneapolis to Washington DC. Associated Press. Watch the Associated Press video that goes with the original article below.

Hooping: The Meditative Workout

BaxterIn Colorado, The Denver Post reports, “Peace, calm and relaxation come to people in different ways. Some find it in a Saturday morning pedicure; others find it with a can of beer and the Rockies; and a growing number of people are finding it while hooping. Anne Dellinger of FireFly Hoops told the press, “The new style of hooping is about athleticism and holistic health. It certainly builds your core strength, increases your energy, vitality and relieves stress. But what most people find surprising is how meditative it is.” Enter “hoop master” Jonathan Baxter of The Hoop Path.
His workshops focus on hooping as deep introspection, as well as rigorous exercise. Sinewy women in leotards and ponytails stretch, arch and pull on limbs, readying themselves for the hours of hooping ahead. Full story: The Denver Post

The Hooping Life Spins Up Montreal

The Festival des Films du Monde, aka the Montreal World Film Festival, officially kicked off yesterday with a Gala Opening Bash that featured hoop performances, leaving festival attendees already abuzz about The Hooping Life. The hooping documentary will be having it’s Canadian premiere screening this Saturday, August 28th, at 7:30pm, and we hope to see as many hoopers as possible in Montreal for all that is to come. A full day of hoopiness awaits those in attendance with free hoop classes beginning at 4:00pm at the Place de Festivals (@ Maisonneuve Blvd & Jeanne-Mance Streets), followed by our big pre-screening hoop jam that will culminate with a parade of hoopers over to the Cineplex Quartier Latin, 350 rue Emery St. arrived in Montreal yesterday evening and we can’t wait to hoop with you! If you can’t make the premiere and you’d still like to catch a local screening, don’t worry. There are two others on the Montreal Film Festival calendar on Sunday, August 29th at 2:30pm and on Monday, August 30th at 5:00pm – each at the Cineplex Quartier Latin as well.