Vitamin String Quartet Plays Lady Gaga

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Lady GaGa Whether you love Lady Gaga or change the station at the sound of her voice, when the Vitamin String Quartet performs these renditions of her chart topping hits, prepare yourself to be taken into another dimension. Comprised of a rotating collective of top-flight Los Angeles musicians, The Vitamin String Quartet has put a classical spin on many popular music genres in the past and is widely known for its tributes to cutting-edge rock acts. Bringing the beauty and intensity of classical string instrumentation to these undeniably overplayed radio wonders though and something magical happens. While the tune is familiar, it’s become incredibly dramatic. When adding hoop dance to it, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see these songs popping up in your hoop performances and videos. While has seen you hooping to Lady Gaga before, some of you taking time to note your musical selection as a “guilty pleasure” – we say feel guilty no more. Thanks to the Vitamin String Quartet you can dazzle your audience with a song they know that has somehow become other worldly. “Bad Romance” is on the Hoop Sounds iPod. Get it and the rest of the album by clicking: on iTunes.

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