Sharna Rose Tweaks Your Nipple

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Sharna Rose amazes us again and give her a little time because she really hits her groove a little further in. She lives in Maidstone, England. Soundtrack: “Tweak Your Nipple” by Faithless (on iTunes). You can also find Sharna Rose on moderating our UK Hoopers group and forum.



13 Responses

  1. Sharna Rose says:

    Some bits are better than others…wish I could be consistent…. one day :-) Never stop believing :-)

  2. HoopBunny says:

    Wow she is an amazing hooper! I love how it looks like she corrects her mistakes so effortlessly and still keeps the routine and energy going. I hope that some day I can hoop with the speed and flow like that and obtain the skill for the shoulder and ankle hooping! Great vid!

  3. Kate Love says:

    This is amazing!! So many moves here that I have never seen before! I love how you pick up and go again right away when it falls – that’s a true performer!

  4. Caliope3 says:

    Wow!!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! You have some amazing moves I’ve never seen before and good flow! I’m definitely adopting some of your tricks :)

  5. MiSS LAURAA says:


  6. Heike says:

    Wow, Sharna, your moves are incredible! While watching your video I was rocking with you – and this in the morning – what a nice start of a day!! I am one of your fans!!!

  7. Sharna is a golden-goddess. MAD BEAUTY.

  8. I am floored all over again with this newest offering from one of the world’s most creative hoopdancers. Sharna, thank you for your openness and FREEDOM–you bring so much energy and new ideas into our dance! My jaw is on the floor. I bow to you, Mastress of the Hoop. Keep raising the bar for us! LOVE!

  9. Sharna Rose says:

    Thanks y’all for the love. This was my first session in lovely space after the second UK Hoop Gathering this year. I was full of inspiration. I must put some serious nods mainly in the direction of Gail of Hoopspin, Emma of HoopingMad, Jo Mondy of live:love:hoop and Ems and Chanti of the Pantaloonies… oh and of course Twobags…. and Emily Wheeler…oh and everyone else that came :-)

  10. skykate777 says:

    freaking awesome!! would like to see more videos from Sharna! so inspiring!!!

  11. raven says:

    Wow – that was awesome!

  12. Angel says:

    i always love to watch you perform!

  13. hoopingmad says:

    Glad to see you here – i cant believe I don’t see you for two weeks and you’ve already got a ton of new tricks – you are awesome!! I need to absorb some of your creativity!!!! see you for UKHG3 – whoop whoop!!!!!!! cant wait xxx

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