Inspiration Point: Sharna Rose

The Point Rebecca in the US has made a decision. “I have decided I want to hoop for a living, and dance all day, and i pretty much want to do it just like Sharna Rose.” In a post that is a tribute to one of the moderators of our UK Hoopers Group and forum, she writes, “Someone please tell me how she moves in reverse!!!! Totally freaking me out!!!! But seriously, this is what makes me pick up my hoop everyday. I love going through Sharna’s videos and seeing her progression. I can see the moves i make now are very similar to hers when she was starting out, and it helps me to stay focused on moving forward. She pushes the limits with the hoop, and moves her body in sometimes very awkward ways just to make something happen the way she wants it. i love it!” Full post: Hoopenanigans

One thought on “Inspiration Point: Sharna Rose

  1. I’m so touched to read this. I think that us hoopers all have our ups and downs and often I feel very self deprecating so it is great to have some good feedback. I feel honored that I can inspire others to hoop through and with whatever is there in the moment. Sending you big love from the UK.

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