Hooping.org Hooper Treasure Hunt Winners

Robin and the Railroad With Hooping.org’s 4.0 recent relaunch came a challenge that was a little crazy – the Hooping.org Hooper Video Treasure Hunt. Twenty video scenarios were presented to our readers and the hooper that included the most items from the list in a single video would win a big prize. What would our contestants be doing that would leave one participant “acosted by tics and spiders and a rentacop”? The list included: 1) Hooping on a bed, 2) Hooping on railroad tracks, 3) Hooping inside a fast food restaurant, 4) Hooping with a woman over the age of 60 (and you’re both hooping), 5) Hooping in the produce section at a grocery store, 6) Hooping to some old school disco, 7) Hooping in a monochromatic outfit with a matching hoop, 8: Hooping in a forest or the woods, 9) Hooping with a small child (and you’re both hooping), 10) Hooping inside a public library, 11) Hooping with a man wearing a uniform (and you’re both hooping), 12) Hooping in a tunnel or cave, 13) Hooping while wearing a wig, 14) Hooping with ten other people sitting in a circle surrounding you that applaud constantly with you in the middle, 15) Hooping in a field of grass – astroturf is acceptable, 16) Hooping 17) Hooping in the middle of a shopping mall, 18) Hooping while eating a bowl of a circular shaped cereal (Fruit Loops, Cheerios, etc.. – and we want to see the cereal too), 19) Show off your hoop skills while a couple of your hooping friends waist hoop next to you holding signs that say, “It’s on Hooping.org!” – and 20) Hooping in something formal in a grand setting.

Now each scenario didn’t need to last long, but they had to be reasonably recognizable. In the event of a tie the hooper who submitted their video first would take the prize. Hooping.org salutes all of our contestants, simply because we love each of them oh so very much. From Alaska, to Connecticut, to Switzerland, we are building a shrine to each and every one of you. Thank you all for participating in our Big Blast Relaunch challenge and here are our prize winners:


Robin Weiss lives in Milford, Connecticut, and she’s the winner of her choice of a Superhooper Superwick 5-wick LED Fire Hoop ($275 value!) OR a Superhooper Single-Color 30 LED hoop Combo with the larger LED hoop and two matching mini LED hoops ($250 value!). Hooping.org congratulates Robin and would like to thank Superhooper.org for their generous prize donation.


Nikalee Rath in Chugiak, Alaska, is the winner of a six-month pass to Hooping University ($99 value), where you can “learn from the pros” online. Congratulations Nikalee and a big thank you to Hooping University for their generosity.


Lynn Knickrehm-Fisher of Boise Hoopla in Boise, Idaho, is the winner of a prize pack from The Hooping Life including a movie poster, bumper sticker and wrist band. Congratulations Lynn!


Lady Ula Oopla in Vaud, Switzerland: YouTube

Starly Carly in Derbyshire, United Kingdom: YouTube

• Moriah Jane Chambers in Chugiak, Alaska: YouTube

Hoops DuJour in New York’s Hudson Valley: Vimeo

Riot in Savannah, Georgia: YouTube

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  1. These video’s are the greatest. Ladies , I am super impressed and truly knocked down a peg. The job you did to create these award winning creations is fabulous. I am so happy I took the time to watch today. I am so much happier 🙂

    You are all wonderful hoopdancers, and I”ll bet some of the supporting actors in the video’s are now hoopers too. Thank you for posting..

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