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Vitamin String Quartet Plays Lady Gaga

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Lady GaGa Whether you love Lady Gaga or change the station at the sound of her voice, when the Vitamin String Quartet performs these renditions of her chart topping hits, prepare yourself to be taken into another dimension. Comprised of a rotating collective of top-flight Los Angeles musicians, The Vitamin String Quartet has put a classical spin on many popular music genres in the past and is widely known for its tributes to cutting-edge rock acts. Bringing the beauty and intensity of classical string instrumentation to these undeniably overplayed radio wonders though and something magical happens. While the tune is familiar, it’s become incredibly dramatic. When adding hoop dance to it, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see these songs popping up in your hoop performances and videos. While has seen you hooping to Lady Gaga before, some of you taking time to note your musical selection as a “guilty pleasure” – we say feel guilty no more. Thanks to the Vitamin String Quartet you can dazzle your audience with a song they know that has somehow become other worldly. “Bad Romance” is on the Hoop Sounds iPod. Get it and the rest of the album by clicking: on iTunes.

Macleans: What’s With All The Hoopla?

Canadian Hooper Macleans, Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine, is spreading the word that “hooping is back.” Monique Polak writes, “When Montrealer Marie-Pier Jolicoeur needs a break from working on her Ph.D. dissertation, she heads to Parc Lafontaine—with her Hula Hoop. … Nicole Farley, co-owner of the Vancouver-based Pixie Hoops, a company that manufactures exercise hoops and offers classes, says, “When we launched our online store in 2008, we were selling five hoops a month. Now we sell two a day.” Farley says no one is too clutzy to hoop. “With the old hoops, you had to move your body very quickly. The new ones have more momentum.” Farley thinks the dance component helps make hooping fun: “You’re dancing with a partner, only you’ve got a Hula Hoop, not a partner.” Heather Umpherville has done six hooping classes offered by Pixie Hoops in Victoria. … Asked what’s fun about hooping, Umpherville, 26, says, “Everything. It brings out this ridiculous happy childhood euphoria in me.” Full story:

The Joy of Hoop Making

Hoops Julie writes, “I have been wanting to get a hoop for so long and, for some odd reason, felt like it wasn’t necessary or I’d probably never do it or whatever other ridiculous reason I was telling myself. Then I was reading my good friend Kendra’s blog and was totally motivated (plus I knew I would have someone to hoop with too). So I ordered one up. After I ordered it I couldn’t wait to tell Kendra and then she told me she found directions on the internet to make them (of course there’s instructions on the internet). … Since I work for a local home improvement center I have all the supplies at my finger tips. … 3/4″ irrigation tubing at 160psi (I like the weight of this) … 3/4″ connector for the tubing. Tape – the sites I viewed suggested gaffer tape, but we don’t sell it so I just used good old colored vinyl tape found in our electrical dept.” She lives in Northern California. Full post: Bellamadris. For more hoop making advice see our archives and join our hoop making group/forum.

Mel B Project Hoops It Up

Mel B. Hula Hooping Former Spice Girl Mel B. (Melanie Brown) didn’t let her 5″ electric blue heels stop her from hooping it up for her new reality TV show. She was spotted here in Los Angeles filming scenes for the program which is titled “The Mel B Project.” It’s coming to the Style Network and it will follow her and husband Stephen Belafonte’s life, as well as the lives of her daughters, Phoenix, 11, and Angel, 3. The ten episode series will be shown in the U.S. and Mel promises it will be worth watching. She told The Daily Star, “I’m not exactly going to be Miss Goody Two Shoes and play it completely by the book. I’m going to be me. I love the work I do. I couldn’t do a nine-to-five. I respect people who do it, but that could never be me. I like to work odd hours.”