Month: June 2010

Tara Wagner Gets Her Family Hooping

There's a new hooping family in town and Tara Wagner, The Organic Sister, is not only hooping it up with her kid and her husband, she's decided she's going to share her talent with others - and thinks having a little public accountability about that may be in order. She writes, "I’m fairly certain we’ll… 4.0 Blasts Off July 6th

Thanks to all of the beautiful beta testers who have been so awesome in helping us check the new website for bugs, we're getting ready to move forward. In fact, 4.0 will arrive on Tuesday, July 6th, and you're not going to want to miss being here for our big relaunch day! Why? Because…

Hoop Dynamics Get Jeanne Lieder HoopFit

About a year ago, Jeanne Lieder of Hoop Motion had a hoop dream. Instead of just dancing with her favorite circular accessory, a hoop of course, she imagined using a hoop for a regimen that integrated other forms of exercise: aerobics, boxing and yoga. The Washington Post Express reports, "Not only does keeping that hoop…

Morelia, Mexico

Amy Van Scoik of Amethyst Hoops and photographer John Bitter are traveling in Mexico. Here she lights up the night above Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

Naked Hula Hooping In The Naked Office

In the UK, the Manchester Evening News reports, "Naked hula hooping might not be everyone’s idea of a normal office activity, but for Claire French (of Dreads N Hoops) it’s all in a day’s work. Claire runs hula hooping workshops and was picked by a TV company to show off her skills to a company…

Ilija Rudman and Sub Swara

One of our favorite tracks from the new Future Disco Vol. 3 is by Ilija Rudman and it's "Call Me Tonight (Greg Wilson Version). We really get lost while hooping to this one and it gets better with every listen. It's on the Hoop Sounds iPod below and download it and more "Future Disco" for…

Hoop La La

It's been at least a year since the last showreel from Hoop La La and the Britain's Got Talent favorites have clearly added some new things into the act. Check it out. They live in the UK.