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Bellydance Hooping Gets You Into Dance Shape Again

unity Belly Dancing Diva, the online Belly Dancing Magazine, turns the spotlight on Valentina “Unity” Martin and her bellydancing hooping skills. They write, “It is so difficult to go back to dancing once you stop for more than six months. When you realize your body is out of shape and can’t do the things it used to, it can scare many of us. Sometimes you just find that you can’t seem to get into your belly dance niche. … Belly Dancing Hula Hooping is a great way to get your body back in to dance shape.” Unity, who started belly dancing at the age of twelve, encourages dancers who are new at it to practice. She told the magazine, “Never give up and stay positive. Whenever my students say they can’t do something, I tell them that if they have that kind of attitude then it will be true! Belly dance and hooping are both challenging things, that’s what makes them so exciting!” Unity lives in San Diego, California. Bellydancing Diva

Jen Moore Lost Over 100 Pounds Hoop Dancing

jen It was hard for Jen Moore to lose her mother to lung cancer when Moore was just 21 and planning her wedding. It was even harder to have her second child die in utero at the end of the pregnancy in 2007. “If you can come through that, there’s really nothing you can’t accomplish,” says Moore, 30, of Rochester, New York. Major weight loss, for one. Taking up hooping and becoming a hoop dance instructor helped Moore lose over 100 pounds. She had a healthy son, Eli, in March 2009. Then she ran her first 5K race in April – and now she’s enrolling in a Mrs. New York pageant. Go Jen! Full story: Democrat and Chronicle