Healing Hula Hoopers Hip Pain

groovinmegzz Hoopers Hip is an over-use injury resulting in pain in your hip, and while GroovinMegzz’s claim that it “seems to sweeping over our hoop community” doesn’t ring true for us, we’re sure there are readers who’ve encountered it and we can all benefit from prevention. The bloggie award winning hooper writes, “My hip pain hit me like a bag of bricks… throbbing, stinging, jabbing, grinding pain in my right hip joint.” More than a year later she met Tony Rocklin, a physical therapist, who listened and responded with, “Oh, you are an easy fix!” She notes, “He used several innovative techniques which relieved the pressure in my hip joint and taught me many basic exercises to strengthen my glutes and core. My pain was reducing, my hip was healing, and I was getting stronger!” You may never hoop enough to develop an over-use injury, but this is good info for everyone and with her hip pain barely present Megzz shows us just how her problem was solved. Full post with video: Groovinmegzz

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